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E-Commerce PR: Tips for Building A Strong Brand Image

Public Relations or in other words PR is a valuable source for building your business’ brand image. When it comes to e-commerce businesses the same rule applies. Your visibility and authority in your sector can be acknowledged through an effective e-commerce PR strategy. We hope some of our advice can help you out with that.

Your PR strategy should be based on a clear message that resonates with your target audiences, media channels. Your influence can be achieved through a good campaign that is supported by media, social media, trends and the marketplace. As we mentioned here earlier, the social media methods for various channels are easy to practice. However, it is important to decide on your PR goals prior to them. Because your basic message and mission created through PR plans will shape your approach to your audiences.

A well-planned PR strategy will provide you with many opportunities to get press coverage. Your PR strategy can build relationships with media outlets and bloggers and create a positive buzz. This positive engagement will turn to you in more traffic and sales. Another good thing about having a solid PR stand is that you will be able to take more active actions in terms of a negative situation. Your mitigation strength will be affected by your PR. This way you can make sure that your e-commerce business’s reputation will not be damaged.

You should be aware of your target audience and target publication. You should get their attention to create buzz. You should adapt to the publication’s specialized areas in order to get noticed by them. You should develop opportunities to be heard by the media outlets and keep up with the latest trends is a way of doing that.

Social media coverage is another important factor for PR. You should be actively posting on your chosen platforms and engaging with your audience. Creating content will also go hand in hand with this and it is a great way to get people to know you. You can target key audiences with your articles or content type of your choices such as video or gif.

Let’s not forget about the main thing when it comes to e-commerce PR. Press releases! Think of them as short stories regarding your e-commerce business. You can talk about how you are fulfilling the things you have promised as a brand. You can introduce your new employee to the sector and describe his area of expertise. You can describe your new product offerings, discuss the latest technological developments, mention your customer service or talk about the latest trends in the sector that relates to your business. Make sure it is proofread, concise and understandable.

Let’s assume that you have created a press release about your e-commerce business. You can contact newswires which are distribution centers for documents such as yours. They have established networks that they can use to circulate your press release through. This, of course, has a fee. Another way you can approach the distribution is by targeting your specific publications. You can contact them through e-mail or phone and work your charm on them.

After you get your publication to make sure to stay in touch with your target publications. If a blogger has mentioned your new category of products in a blog you might want to comment under the content or send a card that is handwritten to the person through email. Remember this will not be your last press release. You should maintain the connections you have. This also goes for public speeches.

Another type of e-commerce PR is public speaking. You may want to be a part of seminars, industry events or panels. This way you will get the coverage you have been craving for and you will also get a chance to meet people from your industry and make new contacts. A thing to remember, if you are giving a pitch regarding your business, is to be ready for any kind of question. You should know the players by names which are bloggers, journalists who are there to excite you with their questions. You should also think about the multiple angles of a story. This will help you to choose the best angle that will resonate with your target publications.

Your product reviews are great for your credibility which is the main goal of e-commerce PR strategies. Your networks will come in handy. Firstly, you should make a list of your target publishers and reach them. Increase your product reviews. You can also give interviews. There are always a few journalists who are looking for an exciting story. You can check out HARO (Help a Reporter Out) website for example. There might be a reporter looking to find an e-commerce business to write about. There are many more of these kinds of websites but it is up to you to discover them.

All in all, it is important to decide on your brand image and your target audience. Your approaches can be shaped by them and this way you will have more chance to resonate with your targets. Social media is always our favorite but you should also focus on industry events, public speaking, press releases, etc. We wish you good luck!

PR (public relations) is the key to create a good brand image.

Good prices are another way to create a good brand image.

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