Retail Therapy: Breaking Free from Boredom

Retail Therapy: Breaking Free from Boredom

March 28, 2016

A widely criticized consumer behavior these days is to shop for things you don’t need. People love spending money on cat strollers to take their cat for a walk, hair sponge microphones to sing in the shower or a crazy cat lady action figure just for the hell of it. We don’t judge them. People are in need of spending their money sometimes just to spend the money. Modern life brings its eccentric and bizarre baggage. Our question here is, how can this become an opportunity for the e-commerce business? Care to join us?

Consumers shop for many reasons but an important reason they have sometimes is boredom. A survey by Ebates shows that 96% of adult Americans and 95% of teenagers are shopping for retail therapy. The main causes can be referred to as boredom and seasonal changes. Shopping can be a great cure for boredom according to them. Let’s see why they prefer shopping as a form of therapy.

Accompany Them in The Big Changes

When people are going through transitions such as starting university, a new job, getting married, moving in with a friend or even having a baby, they tend to become anxious about it. Shopping can become an answer with easing these kinds of problems by helping them visualize. When buying a product online customers tend to visualize themselves using it and the occasions they use it for. Visualizing can help people decrease anxiety and boost their motivation. A few surveys or segmentations for your customers can help you be a part of this equation. For example, school periods can be easily traced and a list of things people might need in that period could be easily provided in a package. “School is almost starting are you ready to mark your brand?” or “What to expect when you are expecting: shopping guide for future mothers and fathers”. This sort of engagement can help you boost your sales and also create a stronger bond with your customers.

Bring the Party with You

Most people shop only to get their moods up. For example, if your customer is at their house on a Friday night with nothing to do, they might be in need of some fun. Offer it to them. Use social media and introduce some of your products which turn a boring night into the hottest party in the block. If you are selling party favors this can be your kind of engagement. Another approach to Friday night can be based on relaxing. People tend to feel the need for relaxation after a busy week at the office. Get them a discount or fast shipment of foot bath or massage oils. Help them wash the busy week of themselves.

Every Day is Holiday with You

People usually match shopping with special days such as holidays. You can give them what they want out of the holidays as well. Look at Hallmark. Hallmark has created different occasions which are not real holidays such as Tax Day and Ferris Wheel Day. Why not you? It is National Cat Day on the 29th of October. Why not make a good deal for animal friends? Holidays have the connotations of good memories, family, happiness and a warm feeling. People will be happy to participate. Even Thank God It’s Not Monday motto can be a good reason to celebrate.

Shopping is medicine for lots of people and the side effects are what they love the most. If the products are clothes we are talking about new pants, new shoes, jewelry, and a fabulous look. Who can argue with that? Tell them what they deserve after a good week’s work. Have fun with it.

Shopping can become a mood lifter, a way to visualize customers’ future or just get away from boredom. Whatever the reason is, people love it. Share their love and offer them the happiness they are looking for.

Creating incentives for people who need retail therapy can boost your sales and increase your customer loyalty.


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