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Consumer Psychology: Capturing Attention

In the e-commerce sector, it is important to catch the attention of your customers because when all is happening online, it only takes nanoseconds to decide whether you like a website or not. That’s why we are dealing with every detail and every aspect there is, to create a tiny engagement. Because we need the customer to come to us. When the business becomes this intricate it is no wonder that the customer deserves that kind of an approach as well. In this article, we will pick our brains for new ideas as well as our customers’.

The brain is the most complicated organ a human being has and its structure never stops amazing us. When it comes to our territory, e-commerce, customers’ ideas about us, their decision to buy or be loyal is what we hold onto the most and the process of those decisions are what we care about the most. Let’s start with a few informative main points. Our brain has 3 main parts as the new, middle and old brain which are responsible for the following results: thinking, feeling and deciding. What we are the most interested at this point is the deciding part and, according to Patrick Renvoise and Christophe Morin’s book Neuromarketing, the old brain is stimulated by 6 triggers which are self-centered, contrast, tangible output, beginning, and the end, visual stimuli, and emotion.

All About “Me”

People tend to respond more positively to comments centered on them. When you create ads or introductions about the company, it can become less attractive to your customers. Phrases such as “We are affordable” are better if they are presented as “You won’t pay a fortune”, which can also give you the advantage to become whimsical. Your customers will always be into what you can provide for them. As we have said before it all comes down to customer-centricity.

We Language
You Language

Clash of Opposites

Most call-to-action examples can be an example of the contrast we are seeking. A witty phrase like “Thank you but I don’t want to improve my business” under the button of a business improvement newsletter can be one of them. People tend to decide easily when the opportunities are presented to themselves in contrast. This even applies to the visual side of your ads. People notice colors in contrast with the background easier. In cross-selling, this kind of approach can become very profitable if you are offering a much cheaper product to go along with the main purchase. Remember the weight-loss ads next to the screen which has before and after pictures. Those ads are still running today which is funny but true to our point.

Be Easy to Get

Never underestimate the value of simplicity. When you are engaging with your customers it is always better to use words which are easy to understand and familiar. The use of highly intellectual words and jargons can become off-putting for your customers. Be easy to understand. Your customers are not interested in pushing their brain activity all the time. They might be only looking for retail therapy to let some steam off.

Starting with Grace, Ending with Plays

The attention span of people can be divided into longer passages. The brain tends to overlook the points in between so, it is important to state your main argument in the beginning and repeating it at the end. Repeating the same message will be effective for your customer. This does not have to be limited by ads, too. This process can be applied to every interaction you have with your customer. Even the delivery experience can be a good chance for you. When your customer receives the box of goodness from you a good packaging will thrill them and at the end of the experience, they will get what they wanted from your company. The presentation of a product can be a good area for you to play with this idea.

Let Them See

People are immediately affected by visual stimuli. Their perception of a product could be changed or be visualized in an entirely different context. The first impression of your business will be based on the visual effect it has. Make sure your website can give its main ideas and messages in a matter of seconds. Visually and contextually presenting your business in a clear manner will get you a few points more. People tend to decide whether they like a website or not in a period of seconds. When the sector is against the time it is important to have some visual improvements.

Make Them Feel

The most powerful of all the stimuli towards the brain is the emotions. No matter how much people say they are rational it is no surprise that they give in to their feelings at some point. The emotions are what creates a deeper bond and what makes your customers remember their experience with you happily. When you look at Coca Cola ads, happiness, togetherness, equality, and youth are the feelings you receive. Their campaign strategy is built on those values and their ability to make people feel, remember and connect to those moments are based on this principle. They know how they want to be perceived. The image of a company can become attached to those feelings and their business can thrive on that.

The human brain has different triggers which feed the deciding mechanism work. In the e-commerce business, the detailed process of creating conversion requires to be in touch with the customers. As mentioned above, different methods of presentation, visual portrayal and familiarity can become key to your business success.

Psychology of the customer is an important aspect of the e-commerce businesses to focus on. The relationship between the customer and the company can be built around that.


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