Christmas Season: 10 Tools to Use for E-Commerce

Christmas Season: 10 Tools to Use for E-Commerce

December 12, 2016

The Christmas Season is a hard-selling period in which ecommerce websites have more traffic than usual. It is a great opportunity not only to sell more, but also to learn about customers’ behavior and improve the performance of your website. Here we suggest some tools to use during the Christmas Season to get the most of your ecommerce website.

Before it starts

Google Keyword Planner: In advance of the holiday season you may want to optimize your website for future searches. With this Google tool, you can check what people looked for last year in the same months, so don’t hesitate to use their time filters and plan your marketing strategy ahead.

SEOmoz Toolbar: The best complement to the Google Keyword Planner and your SEO strategy. It will allow you to monitor your SEO performance.

Christmas Countdown: One of the basics of copywriting is to make customers feel how urgently they need to purchase the product. Sometimes marketers do it with short-time discounts, but before Christmas you have the opportunity to use a countdown as a part of your store’s decoration and contribute to the urgency feeling. Do you know any better driving force than noticing that there are only two days left to buy your children presents?

Throughout the Christmas Season

Zendesk: When it comes to client support, Zendesk is one of the stars of the market. It allows you to manage all your user claims in a friendly environment while being aware of what is pending or waiting for a user response. It also allows you to implement a live chat! Having a good client support service is a key factor in providing a good user experience.

MailChimp: Christmas is a time in which people are more sensitive. Keeping communication fluent with your clients can help you to create a feeling of community with them. MailChimp is one of the most powerful tools to manage email campaigns. It will be essential to:

  • Change abandoned carts into conversions
  • Give product recommendations
  • Re-engage your customers
  • Greet your clients on special days.

Hootsuite: This is the third useful tool to improve user experience through communication. With Hootsuite you can manage all your social medial accounts in just one place. It will make your marketing and public relations much more efficient.

Canva Infographic Maker: There was a time in which all content marketers were creating infographics like crazy. Now they seem forgotten. However, a nice infographic about what the year has brought to us, or maybe a Christmas greeting, can be a nice way to give flair to your ecommerce store.

Prisync: As you know, most users research on the Internet looking for deals and better prices. Even during Christmas there are many businesses that decide to offer promotions. Whether or not you are one of them, you need to know what is happening with the market prices and product assortments, and that is what we offer with our software.

Product Upsell or Up Sell Products: The first one for Shopify and the second for Magento…if you use another platform, we are sure it also has great extensions that allow upselling. This one offers products related to the one your customer is about to buy. No matter if they are buying a present or something for themselves, Christmas is a very good moment to spend a little more, when the suggestion is good and adds value to the purchase.

After Christmas Season

When everything is over, it is no more than the start of a new year. So it is time to learn from the past and improve when possible.

Google Analytics: As we said, Christmas is a period in which everything gets bigger, so if you are not doing it yet, take advantage of the opportunity to implement Google Analytics and start to understand how your users are reaching your site and behaving once they are on it.

Christmas season is a big opportunity for every business. Take advantage of all these tools to make it even more profitable, and don’t forget that in addition to this year’s results, your objective should be to improve, and having a method to get information, analyze it, and make a plan for the future based on your past success and mistakes is key.


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