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Customer Loyalty: 5 Tips for Converting to Regulars

A successful business is based upon a fulcrum of satisfied, enthusiastic, repeat customers. You want to have clients who are so delighted that not only do they sing your praise but they practically wear down a path to your door.

Besides the intrinsic satisfaction of a job well done, there is also a pragmatic reason for courting repeat customers. According to an article on, business with 40% returning clients had earnings approaching 50% more than similar businesses that had a 10% repeat client base.

Not only does it make economic sense to have a consistent customer base but it is far easier to understand, nurture, and cultivate continuing business relationships than to continually set up new client interactions. Both are necessary for a thriving venture. New clients provide excitement and a chance to prove yourself and the established clientele provide structure.

How do you turn customers into regulars? Here are five tips for building excellent relations.

1-Friendly, Authentic, Customized Service

Know your clients. Know their names and their preferences. Make them feel important and worthy of respect. Think about their needs and how to fulfill them. If you’re in the service industry, know what they enjoy eating and drinking. If you’re in fashion, know what a customer is looking for and help them find the perfect item. If you’re in production, anticipate when your client’s busy period will fall and be there to help them.

2-Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

This is pure poetry with a hint of psychology. People are pleased if you keep your word and they are wowed if you exceed it. Give yourself a margin of comfort in making promises, guarantees, and contracts. When you exceed expectations, that experience is what your clients will remember. This memory will stay with them and remind them that their expectation was exceeded and will probably get you a solid reference.

3-Rewards are Wonderful

Reward your clients. Have you considered a loyalty program, whether formal or informal? It makes your customers feel like they are not only getting a bargain but that they’re part of a community. Reward your staff for doing exploratory work. An inspired staff charges the atmosphere and customers can feel the excitement. A bustling business with room for advancement motivates staff. Always striving to reach more and more goals creates positive opportunities for everyone as well as a competitive staff always attempting to do better and better each month. It is symbiosis at its best and it makes a business flourish.

4-Support, Auxiliary, and Maintenance Services

Make sure that your clients understand that you are selling client satisfaction as well as your goods, services, and expertise. Check in with the clients and see if there is anything that merits additional attention or adjustment. This is peace of mind and it’s priceless. It’s also an opportunity to see if there are any new needs or desires that the client has that can be an opportunity for further business. It keeps your company in contact and in connection. It fosters a sense of interpersonal interaction. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer. Repeat customers are the bedrock of your business.

5-Setting up the Anticipation of Repeat Business

In business, greetings are paramount and so are excellent send-offs. Tell the client that you look forward to seeing them again. Set up a return appointment. Let the customer understand that they are important to you as an individual and that you very much value their business.

Courtesy and consideration strengthen relationships and that turns customers into regulars.


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