E-Commerce Newsletters: How to Write the Converting Headline

E-Commerce Newsletters: How to Write the Converting Headline

March 20, 2019

Today, grabbing your customers attention while they scroll through their never-ending inbox is quite challenging. 

That’s why creating the perfect newsletter headline, the one that grabs your customers attention and engages with them, is crucial for a successful email marketing campaign.  

Crafting the perfect newsletter headline can increase your conversion rate by 52% but it can also be tricky. Communicating your brand, getting your message across in a limited space (more so on mobile) could be very challenging.  

We compiled a list of some great tips and trick to help you craft the perfect newsletter headline in no time and boost clicks, conversion rates and ultimately, your email marketing ROI. 

Find out who your subscribers are

Casting a wide net with your email campaign can be costly and time-consuming, not to mention it increases the chances that your contacts might unsubscribe if they receive relevant content. 

Knowing your database will ensure that your headlines and campaigns are more relevant to them, thus, increasing your open rates. 

You use an email marketing automation software to collect data like their gender, age, work, location and more. When collecting demographic information and using a marketing automation software to automatically segment each subscriber to the proper group (or groups), you can make your email campaigns more powerful and using the correct headline for each segment will boost your ROI in the long run. 

Keep the headline short and clear

Your newsletter headline must be short and concise so it will be properly displayed for desktop users and mobile users. Mobile is where 46% of all open emails happen, so it is especially important to make sure your headline isn’t too long and won’t cut off. By using the pre-header, you can get your message further across beyond the limiting length of the headline. On Mobile, the preheader stands out even more so make sure you take advantage of that space with great copy.

Preheader Example

Personalize the headline

An email marketing campaign with a personalized headline is 26% more likely to see daylight and get converted to an actual sale. By incorporating relevant customer data straight in the headline like their first name or an action they made on your website, you’re will giving them a feeling of familiarity. 

It’s simple, actually, people see their names and want to click. 

Personalized Headline Newsletter

Pique your subscriber’s curiosity

Try to write an intriguing headline, tease your subscribers just enough for them to want to see the rest of your email. It’s not easy to do and sometimes there’s nothing funny, interesting or intriguing in your newsletter but the e-commerce industry is so saturated, great emails are sometimes just about being creative and trying new things.
As a tip, try to hint what’s inside the newsletter or rush them into opening the email with a limited offer right there in the headline.

Curiosity Headline

Use numbers and lists with more compelling content

With an e-commerce business, it doesn’t always have to be about sales and profit. A great way to keep your contacts engaged is dedicating at least one newsletter a month to content that can actually benefit them like an article or a list of tips that have to do with your products. When phrasing a headline, use numbers or lists, since the human minds are really drawn to order.

Numbers and Lists Headline

Phrase your headlines as questions

Yes, even when it’s e-commerce! It might sound surprising but headlines that ask a question are highly effective because they make a promise to your subscribers, they offer a solution to a problem that is supposedly easy to solve. Ask questions that are personal to your customers and that your email content will answer at first glance. 

Question Headlines

 Use scarcity and urgency

This is great when you’re store is going on a final sale or is getting ready for a new product launch. The idea with these newsletters is not to reveal your cards but tease your customers with what’s to come. A ‘coming soon’ kind of message with a simple CTA to lead to your website.

The headline, in this case, should work on that FOMO feeling we all get, your customers should be afraid of missing out something great. A good way to get them excited is combining all your digital media channels so that they won’t only get an email with an “Omg! You’re not going to believe this” headline, but they will also see it on their Facebook/ or Instagram feed and other channels. Get them excited about your brand!

Urgency and Scarcity Headlines

As a final word

Crafting a perfect newsletter headline that converts takes practice and trial. With the help of the tips mentioned above, you have more chances to create an engaging campaign but that isn’t enough to reach your long-term conversion goals.

A data-driven email marketing strategy will help you to get your goals more effectively. To optimize the campaign over time and to improve performance use the powerful tool of A/B testing analysis of a marketing automation software.

A/B testing allows you to optimize your campaigns and reach your goals faster in a more accurate way by testing versions of your newsletter headlines (and content, design, and layout) on your segments.
Through analyzing your database engagement factoring different paramotors, you will have data of what campaign would be more successful so you can send the most effective campaign to your contacts and plan your whole email campaign strategy onwards on a data-driven ground. Good luck!


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