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E-Commerce Business: Developing Your Own Strategy

Running a business can be very hard in a competitive environment such as the e-commerce sector. You need to be very thorough with every aspect of your website, customers and products as well. Since the weather is changing just like the trends, it seems like it’s time to start your spring cleaning!

Let Them See What You Got

Product pages are at the top of our list. Make sure you put all the information your customers may need such as price, size, shipping, etc. But another trend that will do you good, is adding videos. Product descriptions are not what every customer wants to go through but videos are an easy way to show them all the features of your product and it takes one minute of their time. In e-commerce websites with video product descriptions, the bounce rates are lower and conversion rates are higher. If it closes deals why not make sure you have it?

Another important thing to include on your product pages is user reviews. People find it more trustworthy when they know other people’s ideas about it. It is possible that you may get bad reviews but even negative reviews can show your weaknesses and can become an advantage. Everyone needs good feedback and here you can get it.

When people look at your product page the first thing they look at in the images. Make sure they are in good quality, has good lighting and shows different angles. Make sure to include meta and alt tags for it as well. You can never know who will search for your product and end up buying it.

Lastly, make sure to increase your website’s loading speed. Customers expect for pages to load under two seconds and some can even leave if it does not load until 3 seconds. We live in a fast-moving era. It is time to adapt or you may end up losing some business.

Be Friendly and Include Your Customers

User reviews are a crucial part for your business as we’ve said earlier. But another interaction you have is user-generated images. If you sell clothes you can be sure that your customers will post photos with their latest trend trench coats or skinny jeans. Include them in your web pages or social media accounts. It is free publicity and also a big chance to engage with your customers.

Customers are at the center in this year’s business agenda as we have mentioned earlier. Their happiness is what makes your business so appealing to them. An important aspect of your business to go through is your customer services. Personalizing customer communication could be a good step. Segmenting your customers will come handy in here. You have a big variety of customers. New ones, potential ones, loyal ones… Don’t send them the same e-mails. They might differ according to location, categorical interests or gender. Specialize according to their needs you will not regret it.

Abandoned shopping carts are another aspect of your relationship with the customer. Don’t just stand there. Make sure you have an automated e-mail for this occasion and think about adding an incentive as well. You can give them a discount, free shipping, etc. They will love you even more. Of course, the main idea here is to provide types of e-mail for different kind of occasions such as this one. Be prepared for anything.

Revise Your Business

Competitive business sectors such as e-commerce require you to be different, creative and interesting. Think about what you are offering to your customers. What sets you apart? Are their needs fulfilled? What can you do more to gain more customers? These are important questions that need to be answered for a business to survive.

Data is what drives businesses and it gives so much more than you can imagine. Go over your segmentation. Is it working well? What are your most-used KPIs? Are they proving to be effective? It is important to look at many KPIs but it is also okay to dump them when they show no progress. You might need other kinds of KPIs to fill its place. A/B testing results will show you what to do and what not to do. You probably have a big amount of data to go over. Use this to your advantage.

Competing in a big sector such as e-commerce can be hard but it can become manageable with a bit of spring cleaning. It is important to keep up to date and try new approaches for e-commerce business success. However, it is just as important to let go of the approaches which have no use for you. It is time to clean out your closet and start fresh!


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