E-Commerce Marketing: Strategies for Growth in 2016

E-Commerce Marketing: Strategies for Growth in 2016

February 29, 2016

E-commerce arena is very competitive, that’s why their marketing trends are interesting to watch too. As per eMarketer research report, in 2016 display advertising will surpass the traditional search advertising. They predict that spending on smartphones ads will become twice as compared to spending on desktop advertising, video advertising will be in third place in total ad spending in the United States. From these estimates, we can assume that the ecommerce industry will face tough competition this year, with varying paths and different ad formats have to be adopted by marketing professionals to be successful. Here are the e-commerce marketing strategies that will dominate the industry in 2016.

A Shift towards Intrinsic Marketing

Online Business can accelerate huge revenue by creative means of advertisements. The one proven trend in e-commerce marketing nowadays is that user prefers custom-made advertisement which looks like to website’s content. The unusual banner ads which have no resemblance with the design and functionality of the website gain no acceptance from users, in comparison to those ads which are designed and integrate impeccably on different websites. Native advertisement creates a momentous user experience, especially in sole sponsor campaigns, in these advertisement module publisher purchases complete advertising space of the hosting website for a specific time period. This is an older concept of digital advertising but became more popular now.

Native advertising in the digital arena is very trickier, as they can easily fool visitors to perceive as standard content, on the other hand, they can also be apparent as paid ads with negative impact. Top magazines and websites pride on publishing impartial content and they do not demand any sort of payments for publication, except the branded content that is delivered by marketers and clearly marked as advertisements. Digital marketers have to be careful when going for this strategy in the digital market and have to ensure that their flyer must see as an extension to the brand of the publisher.

Emphasis on Digital Media Marketing

In recent years, some companies start hiring people to fill positions for digital media marketing. Most of these people work in collaboration with product development managers. In the future, social media marketing executives will be mandatory to be part of the marketing team for e-commerce business. Either this wave will prove as spring trend or last as prolong change, this innovation remains in discussion for this year. The much amazing thing regarding this happening is that digital marketing managers are hired at top management level and report to senior-level directors.

Hybrid Working Model

Usually, large companies prefer to hire in house team and they avoid outsourcing. Now companies are preferring hybrid working model for their e-commerce marketing needs. In this model, organization hire employees from different agencies who come on a part-time basis and work together with their in-house team. It is a general assumption that freelancers workers who work from home serve much-diversified clients. Now, this philosophy is growing, specifically in the e-commerce industry, where the business is hiring freelance marketers to work contractually along with full-time employees.

Lead Advertisement

Lead advertisement on Facebook offers users to sign up easily for sharing content that includes contests, newsletters and promotional deals on desktop site and mobile phones applications. After the launch of lead advertisement at the end of 2015 by Facebook, the latest format of ads has reformed the lead generation process, which is one of the most applied tools so far. If we see in the larger context, Facebook has completely skipped the landing pages. This condenses the sales module, and allow businesses to reach customer easily within tight marketing budgets.

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