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E-Commerce Conversion: Holiday Season Success

Everyone’s long-awaited New Years is almost there! So, you are up and ready for consumers rushing to your webshop. You know it’s time to convert all of those visitors, therefore you must take a few actions before the holiday season starts.

As was the case in all holiday seasons in the previous year, 2015’s holiday shopping is expected to set new records in e-commerce metrics. Meaning, there is a real opportunity to seize.

To make the most out of this seasonal opportunity, you’ll need to make some effort. Fortunately, we are here to tell you about 5 useful strategies that will increase your conversions.

Top-notch site search performance

Let’s say a customer is looking for a designer backpack, and you happen to sell it. She recalls the brand is sold on your website, that’s why she comes to your landing page. She misspells the designer’s name on the search bar and nothing comes up! Patience is not something modern consumers have, and she’ll click off before you know it. Don’t you think it is an avoidable loss?

Most of the online shops have algorithms that understand what customers looking for even if they couldn’t spell it correctly. Furthermore, even if that particular product she’s searching for doesn’t exist in your store, you can show similar products that could catch her attention.

Your search bar should also have an auto-completion feature to make the searching process seamless.

Prepare a best-sellers list

Well, surely this year you brought in many different products into your product assortment, but last year’s best selling items list is still relevant and worth checking out. It can give you an idea of what customers search for in a particular holiday season.

Amazon Best Sellers

You can present last year’s best-selling products in a ‘Gifts’ list that’ll help indecisive customers out.

Offer personalized recommendations

First off, let’s appreciate Amazon’s success here. We all see how seamless do their recommended product widgets work based on your previous shopping behavior or even the products you just browsed.

A massive 31% of total e-commerce revenue was driven by product recommendation in 2014’s last quarter, as shown in a researched conducted by Brilliance. Conversion rates were 5.5 times higher when there was an active personalized product recommendation.

No matter what you are selling online, you always have complementary products that can be purchased in pairs. So, for example, if a shopper is buying a laptop from your store, make sure that you recommend a case, an external hard disk, or a mouse along with it.

You can even offer discounts on related products. The positive effect of that discount not only helps you convert that customer, it also increases your basket size.

Make use of e-mail marketing

Have you ever forgot to buy a gift for a loved one and it was too late when you realized you forgot? Well, since you’re a store owner, you need to be sure that this never happens to customers. Your loyal customers should receive reminder e-mails starting from, say, 3 weeks before the holiday. You might prefer sending them earlier or a bit later, depending on your marketing strategy.

More to that, you can offer discounts through those e-mails to your return customers, make sure they know their loyalty is appreciated.

Offer same-day delivery

For holiday seasons, offer delivery on the same day. We can understand if logistics is not your strongest suit, but many people forget buying gifts until the last day, but they can’t rely on the delivery service and prefer in-store shopping. Emergency cases like this can bring you new customers and strengthen your relationship with return customers. Therefore, you can spend a little extra to perfect the delivery service in holiday seasons when people have people have a sense of emergency.

Best Buy Same Day Delivery

Wrap up

The competitive e-commerce environment forces businesses to be creative and well-prepared before holiday seasons. Yes, there is a huge opportunity out there, but only if you know how to benefit from it. Here are our 5 tips to increase your conversions in a holiday season:

  • Improve your site search performance an automized search bar
  • Prepare a ‘last year’s best-sellers’ list that might inspire indecisive shoppers
  • Offer personalized recommendations
  • Send reminder e-mails to your customers
  • Offer same-day delivery for last-minute shoppers

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