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E-Commerce News: 01-08 December 2016

Hi there! Looking for the latest and most interesting news in ecommerce? Here we bring you a summary of last week’s news. As we always say, information is the way to achieve excellence, and knowing what the biggest companies are doing is a nice insight about the market trends. Let’s see them!

• Instagram puts new efforts into ecommerce. All social networks know their business sustainability is linked to ecommerce. Instagram is not an exception, since it has created a new team in its New York office specifically dedicated to improve ecommerce implementation in their services.

• Brushing scams are getting China’s biggest companies into trouble. This practice consists of placing orders in an ecommerce platform to appear higher in the search rankings of the platform. In order to do so, hackers use accounts from innocent users. As these orders are fake, users don’t need to pay, but this causes extreme feelings of insecurity.

• Visa is also investing to enhance security. The company bought CardinalCommerce because of its ecommerce payment authentication technology.

• The European commission proposed new VAT tax rules to make it easier for SMEs that sell cross-border. They also want to avoid fraud by removing the exemption for imported goods of less than €22.

• Lee Savage, the luxury handbag designer, launched an ecommerce site. It seems they think the holiday season is a good period of time to start, and we agree with the approach. While online buying is usually linked with low pricing, luxury items also have importance and many brands are still ignoring it.

• Sellers are 3.5 times more influential than buyers in driving ecommerce platform growth. Platforms usually focus on user experience, SEO and other features that are directly related with customers, which is not bad at all. But a study that is going to be published in Marketing Science says that sellers are even more important than buyers.

• 8 ecommerce tips to test in your own business. Trust building, header optimizing, and another 6 tips…here we have some success cases and their explanations. We think that benchmarking is one of the healthiest activities to do in ecommerce.

• Did you know that the UK’s retail is 10% of China’s retail? Meifang Chen, Alibaba Group UK’s Senior Manager, analyzes the great opportunity that ecommerce events have for European retailers to enter the Chinese market.

• Following Worldplay study, India’s ecommerce market is forecasted to overtake the US as the second largest market in the world.

• EcommerceNews gave us their forecast for the trends for 2017. Less Google and more branding, more importance for delivery, fewer middlemen.

• Alibaba announced it is going to restructure its business to reposition itself as a service provider to generate a digital and physical infrastructure for the future of commerce.

• Internet Retailer estimates that Amazon will do 40% of sales in the US during the next holiday season. Lauren Freedman from Astound Commerce said that better prices and discounts are the best ways to drive consumers away from Amazon to other sites.

• Victoria’s Secret allowed customers to buy live during the show. They offered that option through their mobile app for the first time in their history this year. Another example of how omnichannel is gaining more importance every day.

• Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India claims that ecommerce baby food providers are promoting their products unethically. They claim this could even be risking the lives and futures of thousands of babies in India.

• Ecommerce grows 50% in Pakistan and it is expected to reach $150 million this year.

• Also in Prisync we had Vincent Hill giving us Six Reasons: Why Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog.

We finish here today. As always, ecommerce produced a lot of news. Though it may seem hard to keep oneself updated, we strongly believe that it is well worth the effort. That’s why we created these weekly posts with the news of the week. We hope you find them useful and that you will come back next week for more!


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