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E-Commerce News: 01-08 September 2016

Hi there, e-commerce folks!

August has gone and vacations went away with it. Now it is time to restart the full activity of your business with the new energy you got from the summer. The e-commerce world has continued to move quickly. Today we bring you a summary of the e-commerce news from the last week, so you can be aware of the most important events that happened in retail and e-commerce.

  • The European Union sent Apple a $14.5 billion bill for back taxes. It is well-known that global companies take advantage of Ireland’s tax system to operate in Europe, but it seems that Apple has exceeded the limits. While many merchants thought this wasn’t a fair competition and agree with the EU position, some experts says this could take Apple and other big companies out of Europe.
  • The symbolic French department store Galeries Lafayette has acquired BazarChic, a well-known e-commerce site in France with 6.4 million members. Galeries Lafayette certainly doesn’t want to fall behind in the French e-commerce race against its competitors.
  • Previous news is easy to explain if we take into consideration that e-commerce sales take up 7% of total retail sales in France. The 9% of this sales’ value were from mobile devices, a percentage that has been rising quickly since 2013 when they were only at 4.3%.
  • E-commerce boosts plastic bags consumption. E-commerce businesses need to repack the products sold online, which means using an additional plastic bag. As a result, Asia’s demand for polyethylene is expected to reach 41 million tons in 2017.
  • The UK will continue leading the e-commerce market in Western Europe despite the Germany also will stay in second place. Following eMarketer forecasts, the two countries will remain in their positions at least until 2020. However, the forecasted sales have been lowered due to the weak economic situation that is facing Europe.
  • ASOS has agreed to pay a total of £20.2 million to Assos of Switzerland GmbH and Anson’s Herrenhaus KG of Germany because of a trademark dispute.
  • Groupon and partner with Ibotta. Ibotta is a cashback platform that offers visibility to Groupon and, and tries to become a reference as a cashback platform with this movement.
  • Canadians e-commerce retailers are about to travel online to China. Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will launch the Canadian “pavilion” on Alibaba’s Tmall platform. This will allow small businesses in Canada to reach the Chinese market.
  • UPS will raise its fees in the coming months. US e-commerce will experience an increase in shipping costs when working with UPS beginning December 26th. The company also decreases the size of the packages from 60 inches to just 48 inches to avoid charge kicks. Bad news for merchants and customers.
  • Business leaders from G20 countries asked for a global e-commerce framework regulation to create a real global market with fair competition and transparency. E-commerce is growing faster than governments are acting, and for now governments seem to be limiting their reactions to setting taxes and barriers to importations, making e-commerce almost impossible for some small merchants.
  • Off-pricers are loyal to deals. A research conducted by NPD Group states that consumers looking for deals will buy from any business that is offering a good deal and loyalty is not among their characteristics. To get these hard-to-convince customers, you may find a price-tracking software very helpful, since it will help you to understand how prices are moving in your market.
  • In Prisync Blog, we had Ausra Narusyte explaining What Online Vendors Need to Know about Millennials, a very important segment of online customers that can make a difference in your business results.
  • In another interesting piece on our blog, we covered few tips that may help e-commerce companies active in Mom & Baby segment of the market.

And that’s all for this week. As you see the world keeps moving, and we have news everyday related to stats, taxes, competition and innovation. If you would like to be updated about everything related with e-commerce, do not hesitate to visit our blog regularly. We are facing very interesting times for e-commerce when competition is getting stronger, but even small business have their opportunities to flourish and grow. See you in our next post.


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