E-Commerce News: 03-09 December 2015

E-Commerce News: 03-09 December 2015

December 10, 2015

As the year-end gets closer and closer, Christmas deals following the Thanksgiving Weekend are all over the place.

Many holiday shopping stats are flowing in along with many 2015-2016 resolutions and in-depth year-end analysis. It’s the best times of the year when many strategists, e-commerce experts put out their best pieces of advice, kind of in a way that they sit back, take a look at the previous year and the next year and reflect.

Let’s take a closer look at what grabbed our interest from the e-commerce news and tips from last week:

Mobile commerce has become more than a crucial aspect of an omnichannel retail strategy. The figures also prove it. %45 of online sales were made via mobile devices (tablets & smartphones) in Q3 2015, as new IMRG data suggest.

The Thanksgiving Weekend and especially Black Friday also showed that the consumers really want a mobile shopping experience. Well, this is understandable because such days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are all about timely deals, bargains, discounts, and the mobile is mobile and always so close to the hands of shoppers.

Another always-hot topic in e-commerce marketing is programmatic advertising as part of marketing automation. Last week, Econsultancy has drawn a pretty insightful big picture of the 2015’s programmatic advertising landscape and asked “what’s in store for 2016?” in regards to the subject.

CPCStrategy gathered a cool roundup of Black Friday and Cyber Monday from a Google Shopping perspective and put down some findings like a clear increase in CPC’s on the platform.

If you already started to think about the next holiday season’s awaiting your business and want to muscle up for them in advance, Shopify’s cool post gather “7 Easy Ways You Probably Didn’t Think of to Boost Holiday Revenue”,

When we drill down the global e-commerce market, the EU was also in the news last week, with its new cybersecurity law, which surely and directly is related to the e-commerce players in the European Union. As the EU paves its way towards a Digital Single Market, the EU Parliament voted for the 1st ever EU-wide cybersecurity laws.

Any e-commerce news would be complete without a growth story/projection from India’s booming e-commerce market. Last week’s news was about India’s enormous cross-border e-commerce projections. According to a study from PayPal and Ipsos MORI, Indian shoppers are expected to spend around $14.6 on international webshops in 2016.

As a final read from last week, again full of strategic thinking, we enjoyed reading about what to do when a good sales experience isn’t good enough. In e-commerce, it’s sort of a must to take that extra mile to fully satisfy your customers, because, at the end of the day, they are just the reason why your shop exists.

Many thanks for dropping by our weekly e-commerce news and tips digest and we hope that you had the right dose of strategic insights and news to keep you up to date with the market.

Stay tuned and see you next week,

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