E-Commerce News: 04-10 November 2016

E-Commerce News: 04-10 November 2016

November 10, 2016

Hey! Looking for the latest news in e-commerce? You are in the right place indeed. In Prisync we know time is one of the most valuable things for you, so we have gathered the most prominent news in the e-commerce world for the last week.

  • The main news is about to happen, since tomorrow, November 11th, is Chinese Singles Day! Last year sales were higher than on Thanksgiving and Black Friday together, but forecasts for this year are not so optimistic. We will see in 24 hours!
  • Walmart is conducting a revolution among its e-commerce executives after the purchase of Marc Lore, founder, is the one running the e-commerce section of Walmart and he is introducing changes in order to make the merger between the two companies profitable. As always happens with changes, there are some losers, and in this case executives that have lost their jobs.
  • Zappos is price matching to catch early holiday shoppers. The deals are on from October 31st to November 20th. And if you would like to be able to make a similar marketing campaign for your products, do not hesitate to ask us about Prisync’s solutions.
  • E-commerce is having a great impact on businesses offering logistic services. The Aramex CEO points to e-commerce as the key for its company’s growth.
  • Also warehouses are struggling to adapt to the vibrant needs of e-commerce. For instance, Hudson’s Bay has invested more than $60 million to shorten the 2 and a half hour process to locate and ship their products to about 15 minutes, thanks to a robotics system.
  • Shopify reported its results for the third quarter and they are great, since sales grew 89%. By the way, Shopify has released a new guide about e-commerce analytics that is well worth the reading.
  • Thinking about investing in e-commerce companies? Here you have an interesting analysis about the most prominent ones in the e-commerce stock market.
  • Following with analysis we have Business Insider’s report about the future of e-commerce, where they forecast U.S. consumers will spend $632 billion in 2020. This would be a 64.16% growth from their forecast for 2016.
  • Something similar will happen in Germany, according to the project manager of IFH Cologne, who forecasts that e-commerce will hold 15% of retail sales in Germany for 2020.
  • Have you heard about the slow-food movement? If you liked it, here you have an analysis about slow e-commerce. Will a movement like that be possible?
  • The Swiss e-Commerce Conference is about to start on November 15th. This is the 4th edition of NetComm Suisse Association, the Swiss e-Commerce Conference. With the “marriage” between humans and technology in the scope, they will be joined by more than 700 participants. Here is all you need to know about this e-commerce conference.
  • Alibaba reported a 55% increase in group revenue and a 41% increase in core commerce revenue for September. But what we like about this new is how it points out the fact that Alibaba has neglected to mention it GMV data for the first time. Alibaba is going to be a more general business, not s-based in e-commerce.
  • The average checkout flow has 14.88 form fields, which according to theory is a great way to ruin user experience.
  • UK shopping centers will use augmented reality to engage children with their stores. Read more of this example of how the offline and online world are merging in an omnichannel process when it comes to retail.
  • And in Prisync we continued with our online activity to spread the best tips and insight about e-commerce. This week we had the chance to follow Mansi Dhorda’s tips for online businesses in her article Fearing a Saturated Market? These 3 e-Commerce Tips will Help You Stand Out! And we gave supply managers some ideas for using our software to enhance their results.

Everything has an end and the news of this week is no exception. We hope you enjoyed it and that you have a nice time reading the latest e-commerce news. If you did, follow us here and in our Twitter account to be updated about everything happening in this awesome world.


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