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E-Commerce News: 05-11 August 2016

Hi there e-commerce folk! Hope you are having a good week! You are probably dealing with many business projects and also try to keep track of the e-commerce market as well. Since it can become a burden from time to time we thought that a little recap of the week might make things easier for you. So here is the news from the e-commerce market this week!

  • Pokémon Go has been the most downloaded app since July and it seems like competitors are backing down. The augmented reality and the captivation of people by it have taken things to a new level. The moment is said to be reserved for Pokémon Go and other game platforms are not ready to make a move against it. Pokémon Go has really caught everyone off guard.
  • Given e-commerce’s competitive nature and environment, it is no wonder that businesses try to squeeze every piece of information to look for useful data. While that attempt can be interesting it may not always be practical. What we know is that there are certain KPIs that should be watched closely to interpret your e-commerce business’s performance. Let’s look at what they are together.
  • Tesco is trying out a new type of experimental marketing. Pop-up wine bars are hoped to reach a certain amount of people since the company is unable to sell bottled wine for licensing reasons.
  • These days whenever we log online we follow a basic routine. We check our e-mails, social media platforms and also check out what our favorite YouTubers, vloggers or bloggers are up to. These people who can be just regular people or celebrities influence our ideas, self-image and also shopping decisions. E-commerce businesses can definitely get a cut of the share of their influence. Influencer marketing is where businesses get started. You can increase sales, subscriptions or get exposure on different platforms.
  • Israeli consumers are always looking for goods with agreeable prices and it seems like cross border e-commerce has become very popular in result.
Top e-commerce Influencers to Follow
  • Since we mentioned influencer marketing, we thought that keeping track of a few of the influencers in e-commerce market might be beneficial for you. This week’s Prisync special delivery for you is 61 of the hottest influencers in e-commerce. Check it out from our latest post.
  • Yelp Inc has shown a good profit in its second quarter reports and has raised expectation for the following days.
  • Sales funnels are on the rise and we know why. They have proven their use. This week our guest blogger is James Crook from Choc Chip Digital. He is sharing his insight and experience regarding sales funnels and how to maximize your profits by using them.
  • P&G has decided to move away from advertising on Facebook since the targeting took its audience to a niche position.

Catching up with the e-commerce news will keep you in the e-commerce competition.


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