E-Commerce News: 06-13 January 2016

E-Commerce News: 06-13 January 2016

January 14, 2016

Dear E-commerce folks,

The second week of the year has already finished. So for you to not lose track of what’s happening in e-commerce world we have gathered some of this week’s news for you.

Spoiler alert: This week is mostly on mobile commerce. So you might want to see how you can employ mobile strategies by reading more about omni-channel strategies.

E-commerce is growing fast! 2015 was a good year for e-commerce as the reports show. Bed Bath & Beyond reported a growth of more than 25% on their online sales. And many other companies reported increases in their revenue from online shopping during the holiday period. This holiday increase might be due to poor weathers. However, e-commerce is on the rise.

House of Fraser also reported a 40% increase in their online sales. Also mentioned in the same news, Superdrug increased theirs by 47%. Toys ‘R’ Us has increased its online sales by 2% during holidays.

The holiday season was great for mobile commerce too. comScore research revealed that 18% of online shopping were made through mobile devices. It has grown 58.5% compared to 2014’s holiday sales. Companies also released their gains from mobile commerce. For example, this week Shoe Zone reported that 66% of their websites visits were from mobile devices.

Even though mobile versions of websites are great for users, it seems they also enjoy mobile apps. A report done by a mobile search company showed that 23.1% of customers prefer apps over mobile websites. Ones who prefer mobile browsers over apps were 19.6%. So it might be a good idea to invest in mobile apps besides your mobile page to provide your customers with better user experience.

Shopping Cart Screen Mobile Phone

Every player in the market is trying to follow the trends. 7-Eleven had its mobile app but they only used to sell age-restricted items. However now, they have implemented age verification in their app so now customers can buy alcohol, tobacco or gambling products.

With e-commerce growing and trends changing so fast it might become overwhelming for entrepreneurs to focus these days. You can lose your motivation. Your energy may drop significantly. You may feel what you do is going nowhere. However, there’s now a podcast channel by Shopify to help you stay motivated and focused on your goal. They are interviewing experts in e-commerce and you can listen to their experiences as well. You might want to listen to some tips and stay motivated to benefit from this e-commerce growth.

Last but not least, we have found some tips that could help you with email marketing. If you want to get feedback from your customers this site has some sources that can help you find feedback.

This was all for this week!

We, Prisync team, are happy to deliver growth news in e-commerce. We will be delivering more e-commerce news and tips next week as usual!

Stay tuned, and see you next week!

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    January 14, 2016

    Nice roundup!

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