E-Commerce News: 06-13 October 2016

E-Commerce News: 06-13 October 2016

October 13, 2016

Hey there, e-commerce folks! Hope you are having a nice October and the business is growing quickly after the summer. As usual, e-commerce has been producing some interesting news and we are here to give you an overview about it. Let’s take a look at what has happened in the world during the last 7 days!

  • Roseville Police Department Set a Safe E-commerce Transaction Spot. E-commerce is getting more and more popular, and society has some new needs related to it. For example, a safe spot to go and do the transaction when selling through Classified Adverts websites. From now in Roseville, users can exchange their products and money in a safe place with 24 hours video surveillance.
  • South Korea leads the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market. Actually, its data (16.6%) is more than double that of second place Japan (7.2%).
  • 25% of PayPal users made a purchase from China in 2015. Chinese e-commerce is in really good shape. It is reported that websites sold $589 billion worth of goods, which is an increase of 33% from 2014.
  • Expert in Chinese e-commerce market from Forbes gives some insights about introducing your business in the Chinese market. Investing in China is now easier, but very risky due to the potential scams you could experience.
  • Most European websites load too slowly for Chinese consumers. Research conducted by CDNetworks states that European e-commerce websites have an average load time of 33.1 seconds.
  • UAE is experiencing the impact of e-commerce. Gitex Shopper is a great offline event with deals and offers in the UAE, and now experts are forecasting a great impact by e-commerce on it in the next 5 years. Here there is an analysis about the “fight” between trustworthiness and deals in the UAE. Who will win? It is very curious that the ones defending the importance of trustworthiness above price are the same ones that organized an event focused in deals.
  • Three trends that are changing in Indian market from ET Retail. People in India are getting used to buying online. Not much time ago mobile phones were the kings of e-commerce, but Indians have started to buy expensive items like electronics. People in small towns are also starting to buy online, when before it was only big-city populations who did it. And purchases are increasing despite the Government regulation limiting discounts.
  • Criteo is about to acquire Hook Logic for $250 million. Criteo is a French advertising and marketing technology provider, and wants to boost its presence in e-commerce with this acquisition of the e-commerce advertising platform, in order to provide a more comprehensive service to their clients working in e-commerce.
  • Delivery control is more valued than fast delivery. A research conducted by DHL shows users prefer to know when their order will arrive rather than get it as soon as possible. Giving them access to the shipment tracking and letting them know the delivery company name are essential actions to providing a good user experience. Another valued service would be the chance to change the delivery location during the process.
  • Walmart reduced physical store openings to boost e-commerce investment. We have discussed Walmart’s decision about boosting e-commerce before, but today we have a second fact (after the purchase of that shows this is a serious step for the company.
  • Toys R Us will match competitors’ prices on Thanksgiving. Toys R Us has announced that they will match the best prices in the stores of 20 competitors such as Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s and Target among others.
  • And also in Prisync we announced our Online E-commerce Meetups, with the first one happening October 26th, we gave you 8 Tips for Choosing the Right E-commerce Payment Method to Offer, and we published one of our valuable lists: The 17 best podcasts about e-commerce.

Another week has gone and that was the most important news related to e-commerce. Do you want to stay updated? Do not hesitate to follow our blog. We will provide you with news, tips and valuable insight about the latest trends in e-commerce!


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