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E-Commerce News: 07-14 April 2016

Hi, there e-commerce enthusiasts! Was it a busy week for you too? As we come closer to the weekend, the need to wrap your weekly projects up and look around the market increases. Take a couple of minutes from your busy mind full of deadlines and catch up with the e-commerce market in an efficient way. Throw in some coffee and there you have the weekly news.

  • Starbucks is bringing out a redesigned application to supplement its previous reward and order & pay system. It focuses on personalizing the content for each customer. The homepage can be personalized while there is also a playlist where people can look up the songs that are played in the coffee chain-stores. Starbucks currently has 17 million app users and it seems like this approach will bring more.
  • Inc has promoted two of its senior executives. Firstly, Jeff Wilke has been named the CEO of Worldwide Consumer Business. Secondly, Andy Jassy has been promoted to CEO of Amazon Web Services. Both of them are known for their successful career in Amazon.
  • Social Media is a gold mine for many online businesses as well as the e-commerce businesses. We know you try hard and create any possible engagement via these vibrating platforms. Mark Tillison from the digital marketing agency Tillison Consulting has shared some of his insights about social media and frequently made mistakes.
  • The head of marketing at, Brian Monahan, has left his position. He has returned to a startup company which he helped launch, NewCo. NewCo is a business-conference and festival company that is in the industry starting by 2012. Monahan describes the company as his “passion project”.
  • McDonald’s complicated ad campaign with monopoly choice cannot help puzzling every customer’s mind. Trying to multichannel with the advert seems like a campaign that misses out on everyone. Check it out. You will understand what we mean.
  • Multichannel retailing is important for every e-commerce business. Investing your entire budget to one or two channels does not guarantee you a big success and you might be losing your chance to widen your customer segment. Multichannel strategy in e-commerce increases your conversions, the efficiency of your channels and makes sure you cover more grounds.
  • eBay has changed its search engine a bit and forgot to announce it right away. Users thought it was a glitch in the system but it turned out to be a permanent change. Starting from now on, looking for a product can be done by its ISBN, MPN, GTIN or UPC codes. The second change in the search listing is about the item’s situation. If an item is inactive the results will not show it anymore. How will the users respond is another question.
  • Pinterest has become a very good platform after it added buy it buttons over the pins. E-commerce businesses frequently use Pinterest as a channel. A new change in Pinterest is that those pins can be promoted from now on. This increases the conversion expectations a lot. It is launched in the UK for now
  • Securing your e-commerce business can be hard to achieve with increasing online attacks on the internet. Your customer database, trustworthiness, and business can be shaken in a minute with this sort of an attack and as Prisync team we wanted to inform you on the basics of e-commerce security and how to maintain it.
  • Alibaba is starting to invest in Southeast Asia’s shining star Lazada Group. This exciting investment shows that Alibaba is closer to its goal of dominating the home-market.

E-commerce business requires being up-to-date about the developments and new events in the sector.


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