E-Commerce News: 08-15 September 2016

E-Commerce News: 08-15 September 2016

September 15, 2016

Hello e-commerce lovers!

E-commerce activity is again at 100% after a well-deserved summer. Weather is getting cooler and businesses are facing the last opportunities to improve their performance data, which means a lot of work to do.Here we bring you the latest news of the e-commerce world in order for you to be aware of what is happening out there.

  • Hanjin Shipping financial issues are affecting e-commerce worldwide. No doubt this is the news of the week. Because of Hanjin’s default, many of the company ships were not allowed to enter the international ports, due to the inability to assure that the company will pay the associated fees. Hanjin is the 7th biggest shipping company in the world and a continuation of this situation would cause problems to e-commerce companies worldwide.
  • DKHS, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, has acquired a majority stake of eSweets. This will pave the way for DKHS to become stronger in the Asian e-commerce sector.
  • Flipkart is the preferred e-commerce platform in India. A report from research conducted by RedSeer Consulting states that Flipkart is more valued by customers than other e-commerce platforms such as Snapdeal or Paytm. According to the survey respondents, Flipkart is better in key factors like quality, product availability, variety, and price competitiveness.
  • Amazon goes for restaurants in Europe. Amazon has launched a restaurant delivery service in the United Kingdom. For now it is just working in some specific areas of London, but if things go well it is very likely that we will see a similar service in other European countries soon. The feature is available through Amazon’s Prime Now app. Read more here.
  • And that’s not the only movement made by Amazon lately. They are also working to improve their offline presence in the US by opening 100 pop-up stores across U.S. shopping malls, which is a signal of the importance that omnichannel selling strategy is getting lately.
  • Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman, will be adviser in a special government committee of Indonesia’s government. This news has brought a wave of optimism to the Indonesian e-commerce sector where there is the greatest number of SMEs, but a significant lack of online presence. Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara stated that they want 8 million SMEs with online presence by 2020.
  • Visits from mobiles devices are 8% more likely to result in buying a product. Demandware research shows that customers are visiting more e-commerce stores with two main intents: browsing and buying. While the first one is to get information for a future purchase, the second one is to do the purchase itself.
  • Paris retail week was celebrated between the 12th and 15th, gathering more than 1000 e-commerce companies in its 13th edition.
  • Barnes & Noble sales decreased by 2% in the first quarter of the year. According to company statements, this is due to the website redesign done in June 2015 that caused a fall both in user traffic and conversion rates. Read More here.
  • Brazilians buy a wide diversity of products online. 50% of internet users over 16 years-old inform they had made online purchases in eight different product categories. Read more here.
  • Only 28% of Mexican customers buy online. With 50 million of potential buyers, only 14 million currently purchase online. For now e-commerce only means 12% of the total commerce amount. A great potential with very bad performance.

We end here today. As you see e-commerce is a never-stop sector in which news gives you a nice insight about what is happening, and more importantly, about what is about to happen. Sometimes it seems that bigger companies develop strategies that are impossible for SMEs; however, keeping your eyes open may help you to find a way to introduce similar strategies in your business. Besides, we never know what technology will enable us to do with SMEs in the coming future. The Internet and e-commerce is changing all the time. Do not be afraid of change and try new things to keep your business on the cutting edge.


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