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E-Commerce News: 10-17 March 2016

Hi there E-commerce Community!

Welcome to our weekly news where we gather the latest information about the sector and trends. Here, we provide you with a recap of the week and keep you up-to-date. We hope that you are having a great week, with sales piling up, deliveries handled safe and sound, and most importantly, your gems, your customers being kept happy and satisfied. So if you are ready for it, enjoy!

Amazon is preparing to use a different kind of authentication these days. Passwords are needed at every step of shopping or reaching information and passwords are not as safe as we want. A new idea of Amazon is based on facial recognition payment permission. In order to prove human to the camera, it may include a wink and a smile.

Encryption cooperation is the main event in the White House these days. A new bill regarding penalizing companies who fail to cooperate on encryption is on the table. Also, WhatsApp has been a target for the cooperation as well.

Appleā€™s Native Advertising is slipping into the news app. The display of the advertisements will be seen directly in the Apple News app of iPhone and iPad. The ads will be displayed in a manner that native-banner style can be linked to the articles on the News app. The looks will be the same only with a title, text excerpt, and an image.

Google is in front of us with a very exciting product, The Google Analytics 360 Suite! It is an integrated analytics system of data and marketing. It holds the power to increase the benefits of analytics for enterprise-class marketers. It gives them the opportunity to reach their customers at the right time with the right message.

Have you heard of Net Promoter Score? If you have not to check out this metric for customer data interpretation. We heard it was not to be missed.

Prisync Blog has two new exciting pieces this week. Since mobile e-commerce is the shining star of e-commerce in 2016 we thought it would be good to explore it a bit. Next piece on this week is for customer-centric businesses or intending ones. Customer centricity has been in the rising trends of the year and brings high profits and more loyal and satisfied customers as well. We love our customers and we are not afraid to admit it.

We hope that you enjoyed the news and tips we shared this week and hope to see you again here, next week.


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