E-Commerce News: 18-24 November 2016

E-Commerce News: 18-24 November 2016

November 24, 2016

We are facing Black Friday, one of those days that are marked in every e-commerce calendar as a crazy activity time. So we have the big new of this week ahead! However, a lot of things were happening during the last 7 days. If you didn’t have a chance to read about them yet, here’s another opportunity. Find all of them together in this post:

  • After the Indian government announcement of demonetizing of Rs.500 and Rs.1, 000, cash payment on delivery has decreased 30%. Though it is causing some problems now, e-commerce participants hope that this will benefit the overall sector in the coming future.
  • DHL will invest 70 million euros to achieve e-commerce needs in India. The growth forecast is still high due to the growing middle class in the country, so an increase in delivery demand is also expected.
  • Lower pricing and good deals are still the most prominent buying factors for online shoppers and they will continue to be for the next holiday season.
  • Walmart announced 20.6% growth during the 3rd quarter performance. They stated that their worldwide sales grew 20.6 %, which is not bad if we take into consideration that excluding China, the number rises to 28.6%.
  • The second largest e-commerce company in China, has announced a revenue increase of 38% for this last quarter.
  • will boost independent artisans’ products the Saturday after Black Friday. is an e-commerce platform specializing in independent retailers, trying to promote quality instead of price competition. However, they know prices are very important, so they will offer an extra 10% off for purchases on Cyber Monday to all Saturday buyers.
  • Instagram announced in October that they will implement the option of buying through their social network. And this week Julie Chomial from VistaPrint, wrote an informative article about it and its implications.
  • Beverage e-commerce has another competitor in the market. Califia Farms launched its e-commerce platform on the 16th of November. This company is growing fast by selling natural beverages and now we will have the chance to see how they perform online.
  • The SEO world was shaken a few days ago, when Google announced the Mobile-first Index. So we think this article about its meaning for e-commerce will be very interesting for you.
  • We have talked about the future of e-commerce and the importance that technology and artificial intelligence will play in it. But customers, at least for now, prefer to interact with other human beings rather than bots. Pricing is, of course, important here, too, since 68% of them think they will be able to get a better deal negotiating in person.
  • Forbes brought us 10 success cases to learn from, where you can see tips and best practices for e-commerce businesses. It really is worth the reading.
  • 25% of online shoppers have concerns about security when making a purchase and see it as a barrier to shopping. Fraud is increasing, together with e-commerce growth, and customers are aware of it.
  • SkyMode includes Apple Pay among their payment methods. SkyMode is a solution to allow your customers to purchase from their mobile with a payment method in the cloud. Many forgotten Apple users will enjoy this option.
  • 48.1% of social influencers state that the main factor of a rejection of a collaboration with a brand is the brand imaging not aligning with their personality. This alignment seems much more important than the payment, which is pointed out by 11.2%.
  • Apps, social media and webrooming are the three main trends for the future of mobile e-commerce according to Forbes contributor Lin Grosman.
  • In Prisync we had Shiva Kumar as guest writer explaining How a Mobile App can Help E-commerce Businesses Over Website?, we gave you some tips to sell more on Black Friday and we published The Ultimate List of Ecommerce Tips.

And that’s all for this week. We are sure there will be plenty of things to talk about next week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We wish you a great volume of sales on these two days and hope that everything goes as planned or better. We have an interesting part of the year ahead with the holiday season. See you next week with more e-commerce insights.


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