E-Commerce News: 17-23 December 2015

E-Commerce News: 17-23 December 2015

December 24, 2015

We have been waiting for it for weeks and, yes, Christmas is finally here. Auto-replies are set for inboxes, and e-commerce managers worldwide are chilling back at home – away from their screens for just a few days.

Well, that’s what we see from our point of view as an e-commerce tool provider (we are receiving a lot of auto-responses from our e-commerce friends) and from this blog post, we want to wish all the e-commerce folks a Merry Christmas.

Companies are its executives may seem in rest and peace, but we all now that shoppers do not take Christmas as a holiday at all. Actually, they do overtime during Christmas!

From our blog, we have been sharing all the holiday season tips with you recently, in our weekly e-commerce news and tips digest. Therefore, this time, we’ll let our ‘resolution’ part of our minds speak and share the e-commerce news and tips that were caught by our radar while we are moving on towards 2016. So, in short, this week, we’ll speak of no more holiday season (at least for this week), but rather strategic thinking for the new year. – and surely some specific e-commerce news from the market from the last week.

By saying that, let us start with predictions of 2016’s hot topics in e-commerce. According to his piece on, Philip Rooke sees international growth, shipping and mergers as the main themes for e-commerce in 2016.

Also, last week, we shared our own opinion about the strategic trends to follow in 2016 and included surely the ongoing growth of mobile, and the rise of contextual shopping along with the need for almost real-time actionable analytics stack. Price competitiveness was surely the part of the deal, in our post.

Denis Pombriant from Beagle Research also shared his opinions and forecasts about 2016 on Ecommerce Times and interestingly called for the time for a reassessment in many fields of e-commerce for 2016.

As we also see day by day, grocery e-commerce has been booming worldwide in the last couple of years, with 2015 as the shining start with a lot of fresh funding flooding into grocery e-commerce companies. In parallel, Theresa Garrett’s piece on is quite timely with calling all conventional grocers to take action towards the change for their own sake. – including their customers for sure.

Enough of 2016, already? So let’s catch up specifically with last week’s e-commerce news and tips in detail.

December 18 was the Free Shipping Day, a kind of marketing campaign initiated by Luke Knowles, CEO at Kinoli, an internet marketing company back in 2008. The single-day campaign had more than 1000 retailers participated in 2015, yielded around $1.5 billion in sales.

We, of course, have a selective perception on the word ‘price’ as the Prisync Team, so the news from last week that Pinterest launched price drops on its buyable pins were big news for us. The Pinterest team is keeping on boosting its e-commerce efforts, and its pace does not seem to slow down at all.

Another interesting analysis from last week was on digital coupons and how they affect the shopping behaviors of millennials. The piece showed that the coupons attract the attention of highly-mobile youth segment of online shoppers.

As strong believers of SMBs, last week, we also published a piece on why SMB e-commerce strategy matters and SMBs should be riding the waves of online retail as soon as possible. We highly recommend small and medium-sized retailers to dig deep down our piece and roll back their sleeves and leverage e-commerce for their sake.

Next week will be the last week of the year 2015, and we’ll again be here, closing the year of e-commerce.

We’ll see altogether what the year 2016 would bring. – above all, let’s hope it brings hope, peace, and love. -and surely, sustainable growth with promising profit margins. 🙂

2015 was a competitive year and 2016 will be no different – if not harsher.


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