E-Commerce News: 19-25 November 2015

E-Commerce News: 19-25 November 2015

November 26, 2015

Hello dear e-commerce folks!

Last week was again full of holiday season strategies and tips, so just take your seat, we got you covered with the best of best e-commerce news, tips, and tricks to implement in your operations. Also, there were many growth announcements and also investment news coming in from the e-commerce markets worldwide. So, let’s cut the intro here and get into the details.

Black Friday Shopping People

Holiday shoppers have started to grab the early deals in the air. Web sales were up 21% Tuesday (24 November) over last year, IBM says. It seems that holiday season strategies in retail are getting better, faster, stronger each year.

We are also seeing many early promotions blanketing the web already. Likes of Kohl’s, UsTrendy and Groupon started their campaigns days earlier than the Black Friday.

As we have so many deals, campaigns, and offers in the market, it’s surely a brilliant learning ground for marketers to steal nice ideas away to be implemented for the following seasons. Econsultancy covered this by asking “Which Retailer has the best Black Friday Strategy?”.

With all these efforts put into the market, surely we are seeing a superb momentum all around the world. For example, US online sales increase %15 in Q3.

Another signal of growth in a market is surely the money invested in it, and the e-commerce market had no lack of sign-in that respect. On a single week, many investment news like Jet’s $350 million round or the Argentine’s market-leading e-commerce company Avenida’s round of $30 million.

Along with growth stories in the market and such investments, it also feels great to read that once offline-only retail giants are succeeding immensely in e-commerce. For example, today, e-commerce counts for %21 of Abercrombie’s sales. Similarly, FootLocker is about the hit the billion mark with its total digital dumpings.

Surely, all these success stories and achievements come from well-defined strategies and to generate such strategies, we got to be closely watching the best practices in the market, and expert tips and comments. Last week was generous enough to put such posts on display from many blogs all around the world.

Another room for growth in e-commerce is expanding into different countries and this should be executed responsibly. Econsultancy’s piece on International E-Commerce focuses on 4 things to be considered while executing around this idea.

Our friends over at Shopify really know what content marketing is, so it’s also worth reading their 4 tactics for it, and actually quickly implementing those content marketing strategies in our own e-commerce business.

Our market will continue growing worldwide at a tremendous pace, and there will be many more ecommerce news and tips to share each and every week. So, stay tuned to catch up with the market through our curated weekly news and tips on Prisync Blog.

Have a lovely e-commerce day!


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