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E-Commerce News: 20-26 May 2016

Hello to every e-commerce enthusiast all over the world! Hope your week is going very well. E-commerce market is full of new developments. Figuring you have a busy schedule we decided to cover it up for you in a quick version. Here is the weekly news for e-commerce!

  • E-commerce is a data driven market when it comes to making a difference. Analytics programs are great for collecting, processing and analyzing your data. This way you get to detect the problems on your website, figure out what content drives more conversions and easily do your customer segmentation. It is the age of data. Analytics is the best way to integrate into this data driven craze.
  • Luxury market is taking a big piece of the shares in Turkey. Shoppers are looking for feasible deals online no matter what goes on politically. Growth potential of Turkey’s e-commerce market is definitely promising.
  • Singles’ Day is Alibaba’s biggest shopping day which collects over 90 billion Yuan which is near 14 billion dollars. However the e-commerce giant is facing scrutiny by the U.S. regulators. The investigation is focusing on consolidation practices, related party transactions and data reported from its Singles’ Day promotion.
  • Linkedin is a great platform for professional networking which is what every B2B business needs. Linkedin marketing can be very effective through the use of advanced search, specialized groups and blog updates you can either provide from your blog or through Linkedin Pulse. The different audience of Linkedin can be utilized in very smooth ways and we suggest that you get right onto it!
  • The new technologies over the screen solutions are a big part of the user experience. This challenges the Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet trends as well. Chart of the Day is providing us with a great chart for the changes in screen based user experiences.
  • Our beloved CEO, Burc Tanir, has a special guest blog on Segmentify. Burc is sharing his insights regarding competitive price tracking and highlights different aspects of the solutions that can be gained from automated solutions. Smart Price Competition is the name of the game and here is Burc to explain the rules.
e-commerce optimization
  • This week Kirsten Burkard is with us on Prisync Blog as a guest blogger. She is a part of the Sweet Tooth family which focuses on loyalty and point programs for the e-commerce market. She will share her wisdom with us regarding multiple ways to redeem rewards in e-commerce. As an e-commerce business you will encounter different type of customers which are after good prices, status or good experience. Your reward systems should include their needs and wishes. You need to have multiple rewards to keep all of them happy and Kirsten is telling you how.
  • Facebook has changed some of its trending topic criteria after the talks about it suppressing conservative news prompted a U.S. Congressional demand for more transparency. The problem is based on Facebook’s news feed’s politically biased sorting which is not the case according to Facebook.
  • E-commerce market requires your business to gain an edge in terms of its products, services, marketing and of course prices. Another guest blog from our CEO, Burc Tanir, is about competitor price tracking. A brief beginner’s guide for the e-commerce enthusiasts everywhere.

Catching up with the market allows you to have a better position in the market.


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