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E-Commerce News: 20-27 October 2016

Are you looking for the latest e-commerce news? Then you are in the right place because here we bring to you the most relevant news about e-commerce from the last 7 days. Let’s go with them:

  • The leading 25% of online retailers in Southeast Asia made more than 50% of their sales thanks to mobile devices.
  • Creating a brand, communication, creating and taking care of a community and customer satisfaction are the keys to enhancing stronger ties with your customers.
  • Internet attack of October 21st affected Twitter, Spotify and many other important websites. E-commerce wasn’t free of the damage…Amazon and eBay also had to struggle against problems occasioned by the hackers.
  • The attack impacted e-commerce conversion rate and some retailers even decided to stop their advertisements during the attack.
  • Indonesian e-commerce businesses are not afraid of Alibaba. The Chinese giant is about to start its activity in the country, news that would frighten every business in other areas. However, Indonesian retailers think they still have their chances, because they know local tastes better. For instance, Indonesians like to pay when the delivery arrives, something hard to manage for big e-commerce platforms, since they need to charge their commission to the retailers.
  • China will promote e-commerce in rural areas. The Chinese government knows e-commerce is the future of retail. Since SMEs are a very important part of its economy, China is going to help them to improve their services. Government will boost cooperation with service providers, encouragement to invest in this kind of business and the development of infrastructures.
  • E-commerce in Germany grew to €12.5 billion in the third quarter. Furniture and household goods are the areas in which sales increased more.
  • Mike Templeman, Forbes contributor, analyzed content marketing for e-commerce. He points out the importance of video, of improving conversion rates and developing an efficient remarketing campaign through social media.
  • Stripe launches Radar to tackle e-commerce fraud with machine learning. This extra will be free for Stripe users. Radar will use a behavioral scope to detect scams thanks to the great experience and amount of operation Stripes manages every day.
  • The biggest companies like Flipkart and Amazon have been preparing for the full year for the festival season. From logistics to website traffic and sellers engagement, they need everything ready. Festival season is one of the hottest moments for e-commerce in India.
  • And one of the consequences of the news above is that they will also sell offline during Festive Sales.
  • E-commerce fraud predictions for 2017 from Internet Retailer. According to them, the move from offline to online fraud is just beginning. They suggest that e-commerce businesses develop a comprehensive security system that reaches the full omnichannel scope. They also forecast a rise in mobile fraud which will lead to a trend with more effort to prevent it.
  • E-commerce in Southeast Asia is expected to exceed $25 billion in 2020.
  • Actinic launched a new platform. As it couldn’t be different, they have focused in mobile websites, offering new tools to help retailers to create mobile-optimized sites. They also have upgraded their customer and product management features.
  • And also in Prisync we had Sheryl Davis explaining to us 5 Problems that Could Be Stopping Visitors from Converting and Their Solutions and we talked about How Will New Technologies Change e-commerce? If you liked it, as a small extra you can read this interesting review about Microsoft HoloLens by eConsultancy.

And we finish here today. We had a hack attack that took down Twitter, Amazon and Flipkart plans to sell offline in India and much more. So as you can see, in e-commerce you can’t miss one week of news because that’s like a century’s worth of things happening. But do not worry, because we will be here summarizing the news again next week. Enjoy your business!!


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