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E-Commerce News: 22-28 January 2016

Hello Ecommerce Folks!

It is time for ecommerce news of the week. This week’s news is about growth in ecommerce in China, increase in mobile devices, omnichannel experience, and more. Read more to see what Prisync team thought was important in ecommerce this week.

E-Commerce China Keyboard

Let’s start with some growth news from China. China’s online retail sales have increased by 33.3% to $589 billion in 2015. These sales include virtual goods ($96.55 billion), and physical goods ($493.04 billion). Amazon and Japanese online retailer Rakuten also report that the number of their Chinese consumers have increased in 2015.

Not only sales have grown in China, but also the expenditure on digital video ads is increasing. Analysis International reports that the expenditure grew by 43% in China. And it is expected to grow even more in 2016. An important detail here is that most of the spendings (47%) are accounted for mobile ads. And this rate is also expected to grow in 2016. We can see how important mobile devices are getting in business. Companies are paying extra money for mobile ads only. The mobile ad spending in China has reached 51% of all the ads. The money China invests in mobile ads shows how important mobile is getting not only in China but also in the world.

The number of mobile devices used is increasing as we have said many times before. Apple has revealed the number of active Apple products being used. Apple says now a billion Apple devices are active now. And this has made Apple $18.4 billion profit. 74,779 iPhones were sold in the first quarter, which suggests online shopping rates on mobile devices will increase even more in the upcoming months.

With the increasing sales of mobile devices and increasing rates of mobile shopping companies might consider developing retail apps for their online shops since the apps improves the omnichannel experience customers have.

Now grocery stores are also coming up with apps as well. You can see the items on shelves via your phone and start shopping right away. Also the app allows big companies like Coca Cola advertise within the app. And these apps allow more personalised shopping thanks to its ability to understand user’s previously purchased items and recommend related products.

These are great examples but are the retailers paying enough attention to omnichannel in general?

Omnichannel Marketing Illustration

Great news is that customers and companies believe omnichannel attempts are good enough! In a research in US made by TimeTrade, shoppers think that shops provide consistent customer experience across all channels, and it doesn’t need great improvements.

For ecommerce firms that want to increase their sales in Latin America, social media marketing might be a good strategy to start using. As it turns out Latin Americans use the social media the most. They spend 6.1 hours a day on average on social media. It’s now in your hands to use this information for improving your ads on social media channels if you have Latin America in your target areas.

We have brought you this weeks’ ecommerce news to help you improve your business. However, improving your ecommerce business is not only by following the trends but also using tools that will help you get your work done smoothly. These startup tools are used by many companies to help them get their works done. Maybe they can be helpful for your business too.

Ecommerce is growing! Priysnc team hopes to deliver you more growth news next week!

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