E-Commerce News: 22-29 September 2016

E-Commerce News: 22-29 September 2016

September 29, 2016

Hi there, e-commerce community! We are here again with an overview of the e-commerce news from last week. In Prisync we know you don’t always have time for reading all the newspapers and internet sources of information but in case you have, here are 62 Must-Follow Blogs for Anyone in E-Commerce and 37 Top E-commerce News Sites You Should Be Following. And as the perfect complement, today we come with some interesting news just continue reading!

  • Macy’s Inc. will hire 83,000 seasonal workers for the holidays this year. 15,000 of them will work in e-commerce, which means a rise of 25%. It seems Macy’s has great expectations for online selling this year.
  • Forbes interviewed Weebly’s CEO about the future of providers of e-commerce business platforms. Weebly is a fully integrated web design, e-commerce, and marketing solution that has great success in the US.
  • Stripe expands into Asia. The online payment service sees the growth opportunity represented by the Asian market, so will enter into Japan and Hong Kong. Stripes provides a comprehensive batch of services for online business, from managing the security of customers’ data and solutions to receive the money from the customers, to offering accounting and billing tools.
  • Shoptalk announced the launch of Shoptalk Europe. This anticipated American event analyses the evolution of how consumers research for information, make decisions and buy. The event will happen in Copenhagen on October 9-11, 2017, where they forecast more than 2,000 visitors.
  • Different forecasts for the increase of sales during the holidays. From 11% following NetElixir, to 17% if you trust eMarketer or 19% in the opinion of Deloitte. The reason for the pessimistic forecast of NetElixir is the influence of people buying many presents in advance.
  • The 2016 Tech & E-Commerce Awards have been announced, with OLX as winner of Best Mobile Online Classified Platform, DHL as the Best Delivery Logistics Provider and Take a Lot as the overall winner.
  • Visa develops its security checks. The fight against fraud has a strong representative in Visa that declared there will be improvements shortly for Verified by Visa (VbV), its purchase-authentication service, and 3-D Secure.
  • DHL expands its delivery network to Hungary and Slovenia. So now they cover 18 European e-commerce markets. These two last countries incorporated to the network are expected to grow quickly in the coming years in their e-commerce volume of business.
  • Czech companies entering in the e-commerce world. Amazon is getting attention among retailers that want to offer their products online.
  • Thai owners of small e-commerce businesses ask for help from their government in order to survive, due to the highly aggressive competition of big companies.
  • Alibaba plans to launch a satellite in order to provide their customers the best vegetables in the market. Does it sound crazy? This will be the world’s first e-commerce satellite.
  • Loan platforms show interest in e-commerce. It is well-known that e-commerce fundraising is one of the biggest issues to face when starting a business, and loaners know it. Actually, FlexiLoans Technologies has partnered with Flipkart, Grofers, Wydr and The Secret Label.
  • Walmart Stores Inc. and Flipkart could agree on a partnership to take on Amazon in India. They both are afraid of Amazon, who seems to be winning the e-commerce race in both India and US markets.
  • UK fashion retailers’ budgets for social media will increase from 9% to 22% by 2020. A report based on OC&C research stands that social medial will be the key factor for business to engage customers with their shops.
  • And also in Prisync following with our goal to offer you ways to improve your business results, we have discussed Five Actions You Should Take to Enjoy a Profitable E-Commerce Mobile Site

We finish here today. We hope this was helpful and interesting. We will be ready again next week with the latest news about ecommerce, so you can be updated about this exciting world that is not only a business but also a hobby. As we always say, information is the key!


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