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E-Commerce News: 24-30 June 2016

Hi there e-commerce folk! Hope you are having a good week. The e-commerce market requires businesses to keep up with it and we are here to help you do that. Let’s see what happened this week in the exciting market of e-commerce.

  • American Eagle Outfitters has adopted image recognition technology that will be effective in the search bar. The company is aiming to better meet the needs of the younger audience of shoppers. Learn more about it from here
  • Vietnam e-commerce market is a growing market which can be overlooked since it is surrounded with giant industries around Southeast Asia. It still is in its infantry but the Vietnamese people are eager to get introduced with new products and pay with cash. Learn more about what is going on in the Vietnam e-commerce market through here
  • The social media platforms Facebook has announced of a change in the news feed of users. The news feed will be more inclined to show news from friends on Facebook for users to catch up with them. This may cause the e-commerce businesses to reach fewer people on Facebook. Learn more from here
  • So you have the best prices, the fastest shipping times, and the nicest customer support? It won’t matter if potential customers have trouble navigating your website or app. This week our guest blogger is Awais Imran who is a Growth Engineer in Jumpshare. He will share his insights and tips regarding e-commerce website usability. Learn more about the 3 quick tips from here
  • Last year Wal-Mart has launched its free shipping program which is called the ShippingPass. It resembles AmazonPrime but is a lot cheaper and offers two-day deliveries with no minimum orders. This week Wal-Mart has opened its 30-day trial memberships. Learn more about it from here
  • PR (Public Relations) is one of the most fundamental issues of an e-commerce business. It requires a good target audience, target publications and a well planned strategy. Creating brand awareness and building your brand image can be accomplished with a good PR strategy. Learn more about it from here
  • Japanese messaging app company Line has been postponing its IPO for two years now. The financial reports of the company which were weak and the incomplete business plan were a couple of reasons for doing so.
  • This week we have another guest blogger,Xavi Mingo, CEO of Oleoshop. He will be sharing his insights and experiences regarding cloud commerce. Cloud commerce platforms offer its users with user-friendly remote software that enables them to create responsive online stores within a few steps. It does not require knowledge of coding and it looks pretty good. Here are the 5 reasons why cloud ecommerce is, for many, the way to go.

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