E-Commerce News: 26 November – 02 December 2015

E-Commerce News: 26 November – 02 December 2015

December 3, 2015

Dear ecommerce friends,

Well, let’s live with it. Till the winds of holiday shopping campaigns weaken a bit, we’ll be all speaking or writing about it as part of e-commerce news.

However, this does not mean that we’ll be missing all other great pieces tapping issues like Twitter Polls for e-commerce, fulfillment strategies or ecommerce forums.

Let’s deep dive into what happened in e-commerce world last week, here’s our pick of weekly e-commerce news:

Online sales increased more than %25 year over year during the Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, all marketers were expecting a promising increase but most of the projections were around %20. So, a round of applause goes to shoppers, we made this real! 🙂

Black Friday Outdoor Ads

In total, the estimated amount of shopping during the Thanksgiving weekend (starting with Black Friday and ending on Cyber Monday) was around $4.9 bn. Especially on Cyber Monday, online sales past $3 bn marks. (according to a tweet by Adobe Digital Index)

During all those hot hours of e-commerce, however, there was one company which managed to grab its part in the headlines, by retailing: nothing. – literally. Cards Against Humanity, makers of politically incorrect playing cards, sold nothing in exchange of $5. Through this successful campaign, the company managed to sell nothing to almost 12.500 loyal folks.

As competition on e-commerce also started to rely on tech performances of webshops, how e-commerce sites performed during the Thanksgiving weekend was an important matter to drill down. InternetRetailing have reviewed the hourly load times and responsiveness of top100 websites and gathered interesting findings.

As promised, we also gathered other strategic e-commerce news and insights for you – non-Thanksgiving – from the last week:

First, let’s start with another growth story, this time, coming from Spain. The e-commerce industry in Spain was worth 16.26 billion euros last year, with a growth rate of about %11.3.

Twitter Polls had been introduced into our feeds a while ago, back in October, but its use for e-commerce is a quite novel subject raised by PracticalEcommerce. Steal these ideas right away and spice up your social media marketing!

Personalization is surely a hot topic in e-commerce and it seems that in 2016, we’ll be hearing and talking about it much more as part of e-commerce news than last year. To see which trends will be shaping up personalization in retail in 2016.

As we also experience within our businesses, sometimes we fall into trap of hustling too much, i.e. focussing solely on execution, and lacking the strategic thinking and learning parts of the deal. To sustain success in a market, one should be always catching up with the market and actually, one of the best ways of doing this is to catch things up with your peers, i.e. other e-commerce owners or executives from all around the world. In our recent blog post, we put together 5 great e-commerce forums where you can just exchange e-commerce news, ideas, thoughts, and stories with your peers.

Warehouse Order Picking

Often counted as an unsexy field of business, so, mostly handled in stress, logistics and fulfillment still carry massive windows of opportunity and improvement. Check out this article to streamline your e-commerce fulfillment with 5S Methodology.

As the Thanksgiving weekend is over – but still, its news, data, and statistics will be all over us for a while – we now expect some new year’s resolutions for the next few weeks and make sure that we’ll again get you covered with the freshest e-commerce news, tips and insights from all around the world.

Stay tuned!

Happy e-commerce days!


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