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E-Commerce News: 29 September – 06 October 2016

Welcome to October! Once again we are here with our e-commerce news recompilation. If you haven’t had the time to check the specialist newspapers about e-commerce, don’t worry, because we have done it for you. Here we offer you the most interesting news about e-commerce worldwide.

  • LeEco goes for Amazon and Snapdeal. LeEco is a global company from India that was already working together with Flipkart. Now they have a presence in all the main e-commerce platforms. You can read more here. Besides, this week they also have announced another partnership with Twitter in order to spread the value of its products. Read more here.
  • The e-commerce market in Thailand is expected to grow by 12.4%. It seems the government is evaluating the possibility of lowering taxes and setting a flat rate tax. This action would mainly benefit small e-commerce business in the country.
  • The Indonesia government is preparing a presidential regulation about e-commerce. The objective will be to improve seven key factors such human resources and education, access to capital, tax incentives, consumer protection, cyber security, logistics and communication infrastructure. Read more about the Indonesian e-commerce situation here.
  • The global bank Citi has agreed on a partnership with Lazada Group to reach the Southeast Asian market. Citi cardholders will enjoy special deals in Lazada with the aim to boost the bank services mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Read more here.
  • Infosys unveiled Skava Commerce, a mobile e-commerce platform solution specially focused on helping businesses to launch new deals, improve conversion rates, etc. Read more here.
  • Deutsche Post AG from Germany has agreed the purchase of UK Mail Group Plc to improve its European coverage. They will pay $316 million for the stakes. Read more here.
  • Walmart and Flipkart are negotiating a partnership to compete against Amazon in the Indian market. It seems Walmart may invest up to 1 billion in the operation. While Walmart has a great knowledge of logistics and business management, Flipkart is an expert in the particularities of Indian customers.
  • Amazon Vs Flipkart? Alibaba won’t leave them alone in India. The Indian e-commerce market potential is so important that all the big platforms are struggling to get a piece of the pie. If Walmart and Flipkart want to beat Amazon with their partnership, they will have to take a look at Alibaba’s entrance that will likely happen next year. Read more here.
  • Used and refurbished smartphones bring problems to Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal and others e-commerce giants selling in India. India’s government asked Amazon to stop those sales because they are against Section 15 of the Environment (Protection) Act. Read more here.
  • Yesterday E-commerce Expo Asia began. The meeting will focus on topics like big data, cross border platforms, fintech and Startups. Organizers expect to reach 10,000 visitors that will be able to listen to conferences by representatives of Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Get more information here.
  • Western Union’s Payment Transfer App launched in Canada. Until now it was just available in the US. Due to the increase of international transactions caused by e-commerce, they felt it was the right time to enter the Canadian market. Read more here.
  • E-Bary went down on Monday. That’s one of the problems on relying too much in an external platform – when they have problems you also have them.
  • And before the end an interesting analysis about how music affects purchasing behavior by Andreas Liffgarden.

And here’s where we finish today. A lot has happened last week in e-commerce, and we are sure that next week won’t be very different. We think that being aware of the news is mandatory even for small business owners. That’s the way to know and understand what is happening in the world and among the biggest companies that eventually influence all the rest of e-commerce businesses in local areas.

Have we missed anything? Do not hesitate to comment!


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