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E-Commerce News: 31 March-06 April 2016

Hello, e-commerce community!

What a busy it must have been for you! We hope you are keeping busy and bringing in some wonderful business opportunities as we speak. Keeping busy is good for a healthy and successful business but keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the e-commerce market is indispensable. Let us take you away for a couple of minutes and show you what’s been going on in this exciting market!

  • Coupon users seem to be willing to switch brands in a heartbeat. Mobile coupon campaigns are very good at catching the attention of these types of customers. Location-based approaches can be your coupon to get into the fierce market environment with a head start.
  • Amazon is diving into the artificial intelligence ocean. Image-based recognition might be in the plans of Amazon since its silent or doubtful acquisition of Orbeus. What will be the next move? We are excited to see.
  • This week in Prisync, we have decided to focus on the basics of marketing, website building mistakes and main points for new starters in e-commerce. SEO was at the top of our list.
  • Big data provides us with a huge amount of insights, trends and behavior patterns of our customers. But isn’t it all in the past? Have you heard of the small data? An article published by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is pointing out that the small data we have can be utilized to discover the trends that are happening now.
  • Online Cart Abandonment is one of the problems facing online retailers. This week in Prisync our guest blogger Luke Davis from Parcel for Me shared his ideas regarding this problem. You can find 3 critical elements in reducing online cart abandonment in our blog post.
  • Facebook ads can be very successful but also very annoying at the same time. People surely live a life on that platform and no matter what people say it is still rocking it. E-commerce businesses are aware of this and they try to utilize every aspect of this wonder of social media.
  • Social campaigns create a great vibe between your business and the customers. It is important to have them and also appreciate or maybe learn from a few of them. Here is a quick list of the great social campaigns of March 2016.
  • China is the big question in everyone’s mind when it comes to e-commerce. What drives its growth? How can we become a part of it? And what kind of customer is waiting for us? Worry no more. Here is a quick guide to China’s e-commerce.
  • Google followers! The Search Quality Rater Guidelines have been updated. If you are interested in having a better SEO, Webmaster or Website Design performances which can carry your business to the top, make sure to go over it.
  • 6th annual Mcommerce Summit is getting closer. It is happening on May 5th, Thursday in New York. Mobile commerce is one of the main stars in the e-commerce market and with a selection of businesses such as Walmart, IKEA, Staples, and Google sending in those gorgeous speakers it should not be missed.

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