E-Commerce News: July 2017

E-Commerce News: July 2017

August 1, 2017

Hi there, e-commerce enthusiasts! Another hectic month is over and you are working your way through. The sad thing is that you cannot find the time to catch up with the e-commerce sector and you need to be always updated about the advancements.

Well, you are in luck. That’s what we are here for. Sit back and catch up with the most important e-commerce news, stories and articles of July.

  • We are starting with remarkable news from the fashion sector. In March, Balenciaga a French luxury fashion house launched a super minimalistic website that contains few colors and seamless experience to online shoppers. It’s really good to see some e-commerce retailers are experimenting with different UX concepts.
  • According to research by Trackmaven, e-commerce retailers experience the highest average engagement on Instagram. This makes the platform a necessity for brands that wish to connect with a more engaged audience. If you see an opportunity to sell more on Instagram.
  • Here are a few of the features when e-commerce retailers took into consideration when making your decision between Shopify and Magento.
  • E-commerce jobs are growing fast especially in larger and tech areas. Learn more about how the growth of e-commerce is shifting retail jobs in the US.
  • Out of the 2,000 online shoppers, 35 percent said they want more e-commerce retailers to adopt chatbots. This finding may inspire retailers to create a new optimized channel in terms of conversion rates, CTAs.
  • Petnet, a tech pet care company, rolled out SmartDelivery which can schedule feedings for their pet through the service’s app according to the stock level of pet foods. This novelty would give customers the ability to completely automate the pet-food shopping experience.
  • In August, companies can engine their creativity and find great topics to engage better with their visitors.
  • Amazon held its third annual Prime Day on July 11. The event actually began the evening of July 10 and offered 30 hours of deals instead of the 24 offered in the two prior years. This big deal day caused 32% drop in-store visits by Amazon App users such as a significant drop in Walmart (23%) and JCPenney (34%).
  • This month, Shopify has added another sales channel – eBay- in addition to its existing ones. This makes it easier than ever to also sell your items on eBay. Not only does it allow you to list your products in your very own eBay store, but it also imports all the messages from eBay into Shopify too.
  • If you ever wanted the best e-commerce growth strategies from hundreds of successful e-commerce brands, then this huge article is for you. From marketing automation to influencer marketing, this well-summarized guide will definitely help you to find a way to achieve the growth of your business.
  • Here, in Prisync, we have published two great listings for e-commerce retailers. We would like to remind you to read 14 KPI Calculators and 6 Customer Review Tools for online retailers.
  • We’ve started a new series concentrating on the beautiful country and growing rapidly in the e-commerce sector – Greece. Respectively you can find E-Commerce Country Stack: Greece – consisting of the most popular e-commerce blogs, influencers, events, and top online retailers, Nostalgia to E-Commerce Sites in Greece and Price Stats in Greece collected and analyzed by Prisync.
  • Also, we are extremely happy to announce our new Referral Program to our valuable users. So, if you introduce us to your friends from other e-commerce companies and if they become our customers, we’ll be giving you a 50% discount for your next invoice! Your friend will be also getting 50% discount for the first invoice.
  • Lastly, we have published great articles from our friends. Colton Bradshaw from CartStack stated e-commerce retailers can reduce shopping cart abandonment by eliminating these 7 check-out mistakes. Don’t miss this insightful article if you aim to increase your conversion rates. Szilard Vajd from Conversific gave actionable tips on how to spend wisely your e-commerce marketing budget.

Please inform us if we’ve missed e-commerce news in July and keep following us to be always updated.


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