E-Commerce News: May 2017

E-Commerce News: May 2017

June 1, 2017

Hi there! Looking for the latest and most interesting e-commerce news, articles and reports ? Here we bring you a summary of May. As we always say, information is the way to achieve excellence, and knowing what the biggest companies are doing is a nice insight into the market trends. Let’s see them!

  •, one of the largest online retailers in China, announced that it plans to develop a drone capable of carrying one ton of cargo for deliveries to and from remote parts of the country.
  • U.S. e-commerce sales in the first quarter increased 4.1% from the fourth quarter last year to $105.7 billion.
  • It is known that online grocery is popular in U.K – %7 of all grocery purchases are done from online channels which are more than the combine of many European countries. Among U.K sales mobile is starting to take big shares as 40 percent of all online grocery purchases made in the United Kingdom are done using a mobile phone.
  • Another research done by Salesforce analyzed U.K customer experience. Nearly half of UK adults (46%) purchase online at least every two or three weeks.
  • A new research shows that e-commerce sales in Turkey increased to 3.5 percent last year and reached to 7.95 billion euros.
  • Having a well-structured Google Shopping campaign is a necessity for e-commerce companies. One of the critical strategies to achieve the success at Google Shopping is keeping your pricing strategy competitive.
  • For any e-commerce entrepreneur, one of the first steps is figuring out how to source the supply. This complete article provides full guidance of how to source products from Chinese manufacturers, as it is often the changeful and scalable way to grow in e-commerce.
  • Every season of the year has different tastes. That’s why the trending products of the each season show some differences. In the article, you can find 15 trending products you can sell this summer.

As Prisync, we have published insightful posts for our audience. Here, you can easily reach all of them and start enjoying reading.

  • David Schneider from Ninjaoutreach stated 5 effective outreach tips that you can adapt to drive your e-commerce business to success.
  • We try to find the first landing pages of popular websites in the Netherlands – thanks to Wayback Machine – to show you how these websites change in a huge time such as and Albert Heijn.
  • Measuring your e-commerce ROI is really important for you to better know sales performance and marketing impact across your different strategies. Melanie Vaast from Ecommerce-Nation analyzed how to determine the most important e-commerce ROI factors to measure.
  • Which one should you use to have a better price tracking abilities in e-commerce? In-House or SaaS? We’ve compared in-house developed vs. SaaS competitor price tracking software under 5 topics which are time and cost saving, product development, support, integrations and technical.
  • You do need to know your audience, have a creative direction, and define your style to write a good product description that both sells and ranks in search. Krista Fabregas from Small Fit Business has given some tips to how to write product description in 6 steps.
  • Cross-Border Online Trade: How to Sell within Germany. Yvonne Bachmann from German E-Commerce Association Händlerbund stated Germany’s consumer protection laws in our latest blog.


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