E-Commerce News: September 2017

E-Commerce News: September 2017

October 5, 2017

Dear ecommerce folks, greetings from another month. In this month’s ecommerce news and tips, we’ll be again covering many ecommerce resolutions, analysis and projections. So, sit back, and enjoy our digest of must-read bits of ecommerce news and tips from September, and don’t forget to take your notes to take your actions right after reading this!

So, let’s take a closer look at what grabbed our interest from the ecommerce news and tips from September:

  • For many e-commerce businesses, the best way to sell more products may be to provide a better customer experience. Delivering right message at right time through content marketing will definitely improve your awareness and authority.
  • Making easy navigation, internal linking, and other organizational aspects of site architecture will bring success to your e-commerce store in terms of SEO. When your e-commerce store is well-organized, it makes it easier for search engines.
  • Dropshipping software Oberlo has created two great lists of selling trendy products. Let’s see 25 Trending Products to Sell for Black Friday and Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in Fall 2017.
  • Amazon is searching for a new partner in Europe to expand its business. UK supermarket chain Morrisons and major French retail chain Monoprix are on the target of American giant.
  • Ecommerce in Europe grows by 19 percent during 2017 with the highest internet penetration. Look at the research – Global Ecommerce Report 2017, executed by the Ecommerce Foundation.
  • Continuing with news and stats from Europe, there has been a serious decline in the number of European retailers that offer free returns to their customers.
  • Also, if you are running an e-commerce store in France, you have to give attention to this research. French consumers are more open to new delivery methods than consumers from the United Kingdom or the Netherlands.

Also, here at Prisync, we had some feature advancements, analyses, country reports and insightful articles. Here, you can easily reach all of them and start enjoying reading.

  • We’ve published a complete e-commerce guide for Romania. Respectively you can find E-Commerce Country Guide: Romania – consisting most popular e-commerce blogs, influencers, events and top professionals of online retailers and old vs. new editions of online stores in Romania.
  • We are also glad to have a case study from one of our active users – Fotopazar and they explained how they improved their business by using Prisync.
  • As you should know, Apple introduced the new version of iPhone on the 12th of September. After that news, we searched the prices of every iPhone 8 – 64GB in 31 countries and compared them with each other. Read the full analysis of iPhone 8 prices.
  • As we know that e-commerce is advancing rapidly in the Netherlands(thanks to E-commerce Foundation & Thuiswinkel), we prepared a survey related to e-commerce tools to understand the needs of Dutch e-commerce managers. Let’s take a tour how Dutch e-commerce managers approach e-commerce tools.
  • Who says no to the discounted prices? According to the stats of 2016, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles Day(11.11). Those 3 days are the most popular ones but there are so many online shopping dates that companies announce huge discounts to increase their revenue and to attract people. In this article, you can find the list of these dates till the end of 2017.
  • I think you should have realized that something is changing at Prisync if you land on this page. You’re totally right and we’re really thrilled about it as much as you’re because the new features that we launched, turned Prisync into a dynamic pricing engine. Read the article to see the smartness of dynamic pricing.
  • Folks from has explained loyalty programs which help you to boost engagement, increase retention, and encourage brand advocacy.


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