E-Commerce News Sites: List of 37 Sites You Should Be Following

E-Commerce News Sites: List of 37 Sites You Should Be Following

September 27, 2016

I’m sure you would agree with me that E-commerce is a very exciting sector to work in. Changes are happening all the time in a very broad diversity of ways such as marketing strategies, trends in customer tastes, SEO, logistics and many others. All of these are areas in which we need to be learning and honing our skills all the time. The interest that our Weekly News gets from our visitors proves this. But today we want to go even further by offering you 37 Top Ecommerce news sites to follow in order to be aware of the latest trends in e-commerce.

If you are also interested in e-commerce blogs, here is our listing that includes 62 Blogs to Follow.

Blog Tray – e-commerce completo

Updated several times per week, it is not exactly a news site, but a blog. However, it deserves to be here because in reading it you will find high quality articles about e-commerce strategies. Also, the articles are frequently inspired by one of the big news items of the week. It is written in Portuguese.

Business Insider

A reference in the e-commerce sector worldwide, one of the must-reads for everyone related to e-commerce business.

Channel Advisor

The blog of this agency specializes in increasing the visibility of e-commerce sites and has become a high-quality source of news. They don’t only provide news, but they also add their own expert comments and analysis to them.


High-quality website with e-commerce news for German speakers. If the language is not a problem, do not hesitate to follow them to be informed by specialized authors about all the news in e-commerce.

E-commerce Brasil

Brazil is a very interesting market for many investors and this site is a great place to find the latest news and trends about e-commerce in the country. The articles are written in Portuguese and cover all the main areas in the business.

E-commerce Bytes

An excellent source of news managed by David and Ina Steiner that shines because of their great newsletters that allow you to be updated without the need to navigate through several websites.

E-commerce Guide

In this excellent site you will find e-commerce platform reviews, news, and even e-commerce jobs. Another must-have in your information sources list.

E-commerce Guru

Good site for updates about Italian e-commerce, although they also inform about worldwide news, of course. Managed by Jusan Network this is a prominent site in Italy to improve e-commerce results.

E-commerce IQ

Really good news site about e-commerce from Asia. We really enjoy their section about research, which will enlighten you about the interesting reports related to e-commerce that are being published.

E-commerce Nation

French speakers also have very good websites, such as E-commerce Nation. Here you will find information about online retail, logistics and much more.

E-commerce News

And now it is time for the Spaniards. E-commerce news is a high quality magazine that discloses e-commerce news in Spanish. It complements its offer with their own reports and interviews.

E-commerce News Europe

If you want to follow up on European e-commerce news in a single place, this is it. European countries are the e-commerce world’s biggest e-commerce market. You will find news here, which includes Europe’s different cultures, languages and laws related with e-commerce.

E-commerce Magazine

Another great source of e-commerce news in German. They analyze the latest trends about sales, marketing and logistics in e-commerce with special attention to Germany, but they also inform about the most important news worldwide.

E-commerce Times

A site with daily news and industry analysis about the US market. They have special sections about Lynux, technology and CRM.


This is an agency providing counseling about best practices in e-commerce that has a high quality blog in which they comment on the latest news of the sector.


Looking for the latest Swedish e-commerce news? This is your site. A brilliant website to be aware of the e-commerce world in Swedish, specially focused in giving value to retailers.


E-commerce news site in German, bringing independent information from expert journalists. By reading it you will be updated about new retail trends and multi-funnel strategies.


Turkey is another big market to follow due to their growth potential and the nice population of the country. And this site offers you news about the e-commerce trends of the country. But that’s not all, they also inform about the most important news happening all around the world. The site is written in Turkish.

ET Retail

A perfect site to bring you up-to-date about what is happening in the e-commerce sector in India, in our opinion, a country that will be among the top countries in all the aspects of e-commerce in the coming future, since it is one of the most populated countries in the world and has the highest growth potential.

Essential Retail

Managed by Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE), they offer news, advice and tips specially focused for United Kingdom readers but without missing international reality.

Exciting Commerce

Written in German, this site is focused on business innovation in e-commerce. They have special sections about Amazon and Zalando, so it is very useful for SMEs selling there.

Internet Retailer

Managed by Vertical Web Media, this site’s goal is to provide objective information about e-commerce business. They have special sections about e-retailers, omnichannel, mobile, marketing, technology and charts data.

Internet Retailing – Australia

Specializing in Australia’s online retail industry, this website provides news about e-commerce with special attention to the business–to-business side of the subject.

Internet Retailing – UK

United Kingdom based site that provides insight, analysis, in-depth research and events about the e-commerce world. They publish both news and guidelines to develop a successful e-commerce strategy.

Internet World

Website written in German that informs about the broad topics of the Internet, but with a special section about e-commerce that brings interesting news about what is happening in Germany and all over the world.


Web site covering news about technology in the Middle East, they offer a full selection of news about e-commerce to be updated about the business state in the region. It is written in English!

Mobile Commerce Daily

Very good source of news about everything related to mobile e-commerce, which as you well know, is one of the main areas of improvement for e-commerce in recent years. Keep yourself informed about it here.

National Retail Federation – NRF

Run by a retail trade association, this site gives special attention to e-commerce with the resources they provide, but also offer news about offline retail.


Agency offering services for e-commerce professionals that also publishes great selections of news in their site. Written in German, this is a good site on which to follow news and trends to develop e-commerce goals.


Written in Russian, this site is a must-follow if you want to be aware of Russian e-commerce sector news. Informative and engaging, their content is especially interesting for e-commerce professionals.

Power Retail

Australian site covering news and giving insights about online advertising, SEO, shipping, comparison sites, email marketing and much more. Their philosophy is that the main factor is not what is being done, but what could be done next.


A fantastic site to get e-commerce news and one of the best to learn about the latest news and trends about online payment options. Very interesting, especially for business-to-business professionals.

Retail News Asia

News website to get the breaking e-commerce news in Asian markets. Written in English, this is another must-follow site to follow everything happening out there.


This site’s name comes from “tame eBay” so you can imagine is a great site to be updated by real experts about eBay news. Of course, they haven’t limited themselves to this platform and you will find useful information about Amazon and many other news items about e-commerce.

The Paypers

Netherlands-based, they offer e-commerce news and keep an eye on what is new about payment options. Another nice site for business-to-business professionals.

Wizi Shop

Written in French, this site is offered by a company providing online marketing services for e-commerce business. You will find news and advice here.


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