E-Commerce Personalization: Things to Do without Being Creepy

E-Commerce Personalization: Things to Do without Being Creepy

September 12, 2016

As an online retailer, you know that personalization is an industry trend all around the globe. But what does e-commerce personalization mean and how you can implement it?

If you give a pencil to a child, he will probably write his name or draw a picture of himself. If you give someone a map, he will likely point to his house. If someone finds a place with his name, he will likely take a picture with his phone.

Things that show us we are special are one step away from being bought. This is a fact. For example, it is very common to see a tourist shop offering t-shirts with your name printed on them. Children love them!

We, adults, are not more than children that have grown so quick. Maybe we don’t want to go out with a t-shirt with our name in the chest (though some people would love it), because it is too obvious, but we do love the chance to make things special… as special as we are. And this is what e-commerce personalization is about.

Is personalization applicable to every business?

Yes, if you think about the experience. Maybe it is not possible to customize every product, but when it comes to e-commerce at least you will be able to personalize the user experience on the website. Although personalization is not the same as customization, customization is a part of personalization and some retailers such as Ralph Lauren use the term personalization for the option to create your own product.

How can you create a personal experience?

There are some basic features you can introduce in your website to achieve it. For example, when your customers log in on your site, you can greet them directly using their names, just as Amazon does. Well, this won’t be a very big difference but it helps to create a friendly environment. The best you could do is to achieve that your client feels that he is in his personal area of your business as if they would have a little proportion of it.

But you may be looking for more sales-oriented tips, right? Then your best friend is the product recommendations. This is very easy to do. Do not offer women’s products to men and vice versa. So when you tag your products in your shop, do not forget to add one about gender. You can also add tags for age ranges and even for geographical locations. Think about this general data that will help you to personalize the most basic aspects of a customer profile. It is really frustrating to see lipstick deals when you are a man looking for a perfume. Remember to offer an accurate version of your site for your customer’s device. If he is looking at the site on a desktop, show the desktop version, and if he is viewing the site with a mobile device, be sure to have a good-looking page that is mobile-optimized. Happily, almost all developers create websites already optimized for mobile devices.

And there is another step in product recommendation. It is a great feature if you can show your customers the product they last viewed on your website. People usually do some research before buying. They like to see different products, features, and compare prices and delivery dates with your competitors. While doing this comparison, it is very likely that users will come back to your site more than one time. Make it easy for them. Each time they want to check your offer again they will have the last products they viewed, available to buy. This is a very powerful sales tool.

Ideally, you should also personalize your email marketing campaigns and in every communication funnel you use with customers, you will see that your conversion rate improves with this practice.

Lastly, remember that you need to get user permission when it comes to collecting and using data. Having a good privacy policy declaration and a clear and transparent process for users to manage their data is mandatory at these times. And take into consideration that even if it seems a tedious task, having clear policies will improve both user experience and trust, so it is always worth the effort.

Get the advantage of technology when it comes to e-commerce personalization and you will see how they become more loyal customers!


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