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E-Commerce Articles: Top Pieces in 2017

December is the time to look back and see what we have done in the past 12 months. As usual, there were a lot of inspiring and insightful e-commerce articles in 2017. And we all learned a lot from them and even applied the insights to our businesses.

Whether you’re a new reader or you’ve been crawling the e-commerce blogs for a while, chances are, you’ve probably missed a few articles along the way. In Prisync, we invest a lot of time to be aware of the latest trends and news of e-commerce and to gain that knowledge, we read a lot of articles.

And we thought to create top e-commerce articles 2017 to make sure you get a chance to read all the best stuff. Let’s dive in the comprehensive list and pick up the top articles that you need to improve your knowledge from best blogs.

Why the Gmail Promotions Tab is Good for E-Commerce Email Engagement

Ever since Gmail, the world’s most popular web email client, introduced tabs for different types of emails, e-commerce marketers have been trying to avoid the promotions tab. This has led to e-commerce stores trying to ensure their emails land in people’s primary inbox instead.

In this article by SmartrMail, Trent Vu explains why marketers should not be afraid of the promotions tab within Gmail and why this update by Google can actually be a good thing.

E-Commerce Email Marketing 101: 11 Must-Have Emails (w/Templates)

If you are running an e-commerce store, email marketing should be definitely a part of core marketing efforts. But just launching a campaign does not ensure your success. You have to find the right frequency, segmentation, message…

In this article, our friends from Sleeknote gathered 11 e-commerce marketing campaigns that are going to help you to increase engagement, improve the customer base&loyalty. Also, you’ll find the tips to reduce churns with email.

7 Emails Your E-commerce Store Needs to Be Able to Send Out on an Automated Basis

Another article about e-mail marketing is coming from Kissmetrics. Differently from the basics of e-mail marketing, the article puts the customer at the heart of the idea. You can learn 11 specific ways to implement more customer-centric marketing that can lead to more revenue for your store addressing various growth methods such as New Customers, Customer Retention and Boosting Conversion Rates.

20 Amazing Startup Business Ideas That’ll Make you Money

With so many startup business ideas, it can be hard to figure out which is worth to invest time and money. Not only you aim to find an idea which will generate profits, you should also run it for long-term. In the list of Oberlo which is also one of the top e-commerce articles in 2017, you will find business ideas that have been growing in popularity recently.

How to Improve Your Content Marketing with Google Analytics eCommerce

Google Analytics is one of the most common tools for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

In this article of Lemonstand, you will learn how to optimize your internal content to draw in as much traffic as possible. Content’s effectiveness depends on the individual preferences of your average customers, Google Analytics e-commerce data allows you to hone in specifically and maximize its effects. Let’s talk about which metrics are the most helpful, how to tell which type of content works best, and what your demographic data can suggest for improving your content marketing strategy.

Essential Customer Loyalty Statistics 2017

Again a popular article from showing the essential customer loyalty statistics and facts.

This categorized list will give you a clear view of the entire customer loyalty. Every single statistic brings your closer to understanding the benefits of customer loyalty, and better equips you to retain your customers and grow your business. With so much retention and loyalty knowledge in one place, you don’t want to forget to bookmark this page for future reading.

E-commerce Best Practices: Explode Your Online Sales With These 24 Strategies

The ultimate expectation of every e-commerce entrepreneur is making more sales and they always seek better opportunities to reach that goal. Referral Candy shows the ways of exploding online sales by increasing the conversion rates of the store. Here are 24 e-commerce best practices you should test on your website.

Online Merchandising: How to Layout Your Products

Have you ever wondered why some products are placed as prominent and why others placed at different touch points of customers? The organization and layout of your products have a big impact on what (and how) customers buy from you.

In this article, Ecwid will show you how to layout your products to maximize sales and conversions.

How a Simple Popup Helped One Brand Skyrocket Their Sales

In this post, Kristina Krumina showed how an exit intent pop-up helped one brand grow their subscriber base and doubled e-commerce sales during the back-to-school season on Nosto blog. Whether or not retailers believe in the power of online pop-ups, studies show that they simply work. Let’s see the success of that simple trick from the article.

The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization expert Omniconvert put together a detailed guidance where you can cover every step of the CRO Process for your e-commerce store. This article will be very helpful if you are about to build a seamless CRO machine.

12 Smart Inventory Reduction Strategies to Clear Out Excess Stock

Holding excess stock can be very costly for e-commerce retailers. Not only does it take up space in the warehouse and increase the holding costs, it also puts you in to pressure to find the ways of diminishing the products in-stock.

Let’s take a deeper look at Veeqo’s top inventory reduction strategies and ideas for clearing out excess stock.

Website compliance requirements in e-commerce – what should online retailers consider?

A useful article from Paymill describes the policies include the information that needs to be provided to online shoppers by showing the sub-requirements of Terms and Conditions to the Payment page.

How to Increase Website Traffic: 6 (of 50) Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

Perfect tricks for generating traffic to your online store by Richard Lazazzera on A Better Lemonade Stand. Whether you’re at the starting phase of your entrepreneurship and you’re not entirely sure how you’re going to make it to the top or you’re already running an e-commerce store and still need to increase the visitors, this post is for you.

Bootstrapping Your Business: Tips, Tools, and Resources for Scrappy Entrepreneurs

Bootstrapping is one of the most popular ways to starting a business by using your own resources to start up. No loans, no fundraising, no external capital! Braveen Kumar has created a complete article on Shopify to provide e-commerce retailers some tips, tools, resource to help you to find smart ways to reach the growth without pushing your financial health.

The 19 Most Innovative E-commerce Brands of 2017

Tracey Wallace has listed the most innovative e-commerce brands of 2017 on BigCommerce blog. The brands were examined and selected by different e-commerce experts and found a place for a real reason. Besides of that, you’ll see some tips that you can apply to your store. Inspiring article for all e-commerce owners!

Site review: How Mamas & Papas combines content and commerce

In the list of top e-commerce articles of 2017, we are trying to give space to real examples from the market. In the article of Nikki Gilliland on Econsultancy, she was delivered a review of the new Mamas & Papas site, focusing on key areas of change.

So, what were the results? Let’s dive into this detailed review!

23 Clever Uses for Color in E-Commerce UX

From the quick UX tips and best real examples of aesthetics branding efforts, Ben Davis has collected many uses for color in e-commerce. Go to the article and get some inspirations.

State of the eCommerce in 2017 and 2018

What are the most important trends, game changers, and quick wins? Analyzing the survey of eCommerce Managers and doing more research, eCommerce Trends Report is published on Divante. The report accumulates everything that is important to know from the point of view of eCommerce.

What techniques and strategies will influence e-commerce trends in 2018

Knowing the key techniques to improve your conversion rates is vital to any ecommerce marketing strategy. In this article, Carolanne Mangles will be taking a look at the biggest trends in ecommerce marketing you should seriously think about adopting in 2018 to get ahead of your competition on Smart Insights blog.


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