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E-Mail Marketing: How to Improve Conversion and Customer Retention

E-mail marketing is a great way for you to increase conversions and create new leads for your e-commerce business. Your potential, existing and forgotten customers are the target and you can catch their attention with a little e-mail.

E-mail marketing is an easy way of marketing that you can utilize for your e-commerce business. You can target people according to their shopping status which can be based on their number of orders or last interactions since shopping. Your customers are important to you so any interaction that you plan for them should be just as important. Here are a few tips for you to go over quickly.

Your e-commerce business might be small or big but both are in need of e-mail marketing. In order to do that you can utilize mailing software such as Klaviyo or MailChimp. There are others as well but these two are able to integrate with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify. If you are interested in customizing your emails in every detail you can also hire a person to do so but the software is much more cost-efficient and it is better for small businesses.

After you have decided on your mailing software you should decide on your targets. Who will be receiving your emails? You will have three types of customers for sure. The first one is the new customer who has not shopped from your website yet. The second one is your customer who has shopped a few times from your website and you want them to stick around. The last one is your old customers who have stopped dropping by your website and shopping from you. This one you will want to recover.

When you are e-mailing your potential new customers you might want to send them an e-mail that introduces your brand, products and gives them an incentive to start shopping. You can add a coupon code to your e-mail or offer them free shipping for their first order. When you are sending an e-mail to your type 2 customers you will want to show them products they might be interested in. You can choose those based on their previous orders. You can include products with discounts as well. When you are mailing to your type 3 customers you can mention the fact that they have not been dropping by lately. You can use phrases like “we miss you” or “haven’t seen you lately” and keep it personal.

When you are creating your e-mail you should make sure you have a very good subject line. Your subject line is the most important thing since the receiving people will decide to open your mail if they find it interesting. You should intrigue them and make them want to open your mail. Many emails get deleted for not having the best subject lines. Make sure that your subject line does not contrast the content of your mail too. After the subject line, you should make sure that your headers are in order. For this part important advice is due. Check how your mail looks without the photographs you include. Some users prefer to block the visual aids in a mail and therefore your mail can look like a blank page. For this reason, you should make sure even without the pictures the mail makes sense and the user can see the rest of the mail.

Regarding the content of your mail, you might want to include some incentives as we mentioned earlier above. You can include promotions codes, coupons, free shipping or discounts over $100 purchases. You can include products, the latest discounts and maybe a few blog posts you have for them. For example, if you are selling makeup products you can include a post, which can be visual content as well, how to apply or combine them. This would be useful for them and it would also nurture your other social media platforms or blog. You should also use a few call-to-action phrases but avoid using too much. Since so many of those phrases are worn out it might have a negative effect. You can use phrases like “last day for discounts” or similar. Using this sort of an expiration date can help create a feeling of urgency and can create impulse purchases. Another tip regarding mails is that you should avoid using excessive amounts of visuals such as photographs, gifs or videos. Because mails can detect high amounts and can filter your mails to the promotions. Promotion emails tend to live a long and happy undisturbed life away from the attention of the users 🙂

We hope that this little guide and tips can help you create a great e-mail marketing strategy and increase your sales. Also, make sure to ask your online users to subscribe to your e-mails through pop-ups or other ways. Start piling those mails up!


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