Facebook Marketing: How to Use it for E-Commerce

Facebook Marketing: How to Use it for E-Commerce

May 9, 2016

When it comes to building a good relationship with your customers, having an online presence and sympathetic brand image, you need to start with marketing on Facebook. Facebook has 1.09 billion daily active users online from all over the world with all kinds of interests, age groups, income levels and some of them are your key audience. Social media marketing is a critical area to have if you are in the e-commerce business. If the subject is social media you have got to start on the top.

When we say Facebook Marketing it means posting, interactions which are free and paid activities such as boosted posts. Facebook Marketing is not limited to these of course. Facebook’s audience algorithms let you reach your target audience and filter them through age, gender or interests based on the users’ page likes. You can boost your posts relevant to teenagers if you are selling acne creams or Lord of the Rings fans if you are selling the book trilogy.

When you decide to go for Facebook Marketing the first thing you need to do is to set up your page. You will need to share regular content with your audience. Content marketing is another important part which is connected. If you have a blog you should enable share and like buttons for Facebook. You can provide them from Facebook and insert them through your blog settings easily.

Facebook offers different ad types for e-commerce businesses. Besides sharing your content your ads can increase your conversions while showing your products. One of them is called Dynamic Product Ads. There are templates that were tailored for just your needs. When you upload your product details to Facebook, the templates will pull all the data such as product name, image, and price. By using Dynamic Product Ads you are able to display single or multi-product ads based on the users’ previous orders, cart activities or viewings. In order to upload your product information start with uploading your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager includes all the procedure you need to follow while you are creating your own Dynamic Product Ads. After you upload your catalog which includes your choice of products, you should create an audience pixel so that Facebook can match them with the right products in the ads. Afterward, you can create different ads for different audience pixels with Power Editor which is a part of Facebook Business Manager.

Multi-product Ads are another thing you might want to use. It is more effective for e-commerce businesses. You are able to display multiple products in your ads. More options are available for your customers which will increase the chance of conversions. It can be created as a part of Dynamic Product Ads or separately through Power Editor. It increases click-through rates and engagements. Since there are more engagements this also causes the CPC to fall.

Facebook Marketing increases your engagements and conversions. Another nice thing that Facebook does is reducing your cart abandonment. Retargeting Ads are very valuable in cart abandonment since you get to return your customers back. Retargeting Ads of Facebook can be done through Power Editor. It is important to do this because when you look at it, without retargeting your conversions and sales will suffer.

As we said earlier audience targeting in Facebook offers you very different variables of characteristics to work with. It also enables you to build new audiences based on your regular audience characteristics. It is called a Lookalike Audience and it provides you with similar people who are more likely to be interested in your products and buy them. You can base them on your Custom Audiences which can be created by segmenting them on Facebook Business Manager. Creating Custom Audiences is a good way to show your special promotions to your loyal customer audience or share the latest content with your newspaper subscribers.

When you are posting on your Facebook page or creating ads there are a few important points you need to focus on. One of them is the images. Your images need to be clear, in good quality and it should not include too many elements. Using people in your images I, okay but if you focus on their face and expressions, your chances of engaging with a customer will increase.

Another thing you will want to focus on your posts or ads on Facebook is the usage of words. People tend to postpone their actions and when they face your post or ad your words need to give them the feeling of urgency. You might want to include how many products are available at stock to give them a little push. Mentioning the offer is not forever but only for a period of time can be another way to trigger some conversions. Your phrases should include words like hurry, limited, only, don’t miss out, expiring offer or last chance. Words like free, new or cheap are other words that catch people’s attention. You can mention the free shipping that comes with this product in your posts or ads.

Facebook Marketing is a very good way to improve your brand image, online presence, and conversions. Through the use of custom audiences, dynamic product ads and a big amount of user to reach, Facebook will be your favorite marketing approach. Make sure find your potential customers and show them what you got!

Facebook Marketing enables you to increase your conversions and engage with your customers more effectively.


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