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Pricing Stats: A Glimpse of Greece E-commerce Landscape

We love sharing pricing stats of countries. It’s our new excitement to search the ratio of daily price changes, out of stock and also prices that end with 9 or .9.

As we couldn’t find these details on the web, we ask ourselves: Why don’t we begin and share the stats of each country?

A month ago, we published the price stats of popular countries like France, Spain, Germany, the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

You can find details from here.

Now it’s time for Greece. Greece is one of the countries that e-commerce is advancing rapidly. Also, it is one of our neighbors.

We will try to update these stats once in 3 months and you can follow these posts from the category named price stats on our blog.

In Greece;

  • 4.3% of prices change every day so it’s much higher than in Spain and Germany.
  • The stockout ratio of online products in Greece is 3.9% which is still lower than the European countries.
  • At last, the ratio of prices that end with .9 or 9 is 35% among 1784 prices. We can clearly understand that the rest of the online shoppers don’t know the importance of charm pricing.

ps: These data were collected in July.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for other countries’ pricing stats!

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