June 24, 2016

Cloud E-Commerce: 5 Benefits for Businesses

In recent years, a large number of cloud ecommerce platforms have emerged. These platforms provide users with easy-to-use remote software to create nice, 100% responsive online stores in a few steps and with no knowledge of coding. But what is the secret of the success of cloud ecommerce? Today, our guest blogger, Xavi Mingo, CEO of Oleoshop, gives us 5… Continue Reading

June 21, 2016

Quality Links: 7 Content Types to Generate Links

Good link building is now developed around the idea of getting links with quality content. But there is much uncertainty about link building. Someone considers that it is a great thing for SEO and website visibility, while others think that it can hurt website rankings in SERP. Based on my SEO experience, high quality links always work well, especially if… Continue Reading

June 14, 2016

Mobile Commerce: 5 Tips for Developing a Native App

In everyday life, almost every one of us is dependent on mobile technology. Initially, apps were created for playing games, but nowadays more businesses rely on mobile apps for sprouting their business. Mobile commerce is extrapolated to reach $149 Billion in US volume alone by 2019. Browser dependent apps can now function like a native app. Moreover, many industrial persons… Continue Reading

June 6, 2016

E-Commerce Videos: 5 Type of Videos that Work

Imagine you’re working in retail. You’re a salesperson at a sporting goods store. On an average day you see hundreds of different shoppers: those who came with a specific sneaker model or brand in mind ready to buy, those who hunt for special prices and offers, those who came to browse and kill time… Then there’s also shoppers who know… Continue Reading

May 31, 2016

Multilingual E-Commerce: Hidden Tactics to Sell More

Dear e-commerce folks, As you know, with Prisync, we currently help e-commerce companies of all sizes from more than 40 countries. Therefore, we definitely think of a global and multi-lingual market, when we speak of e-commerce. Just in parallel with that, today, we welcome Savas Cetinkaya of to guide us through benefits of such way of thinking in e-commerce… Continue Reading

May 24, 2016

Redeem Points: Increase Loyalty for E-Commerce

As most of the loyal readers of Prisync's E-Commerce Blog already know, we are quite keen to drill down any interesting subject about e-commerce and love to publish posts as kind of follow ons to each other in our blog. After a few pieces on our blog about Loyalty in E-Commerce, we were fascinated by the depth of this topic… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Engagement 3 Lesser Known Strategies
May 17, 2016

E-Commerce Engagement: 3 Lesser Known Strategies

To engage your audience and make your webshop’s visitors interact with your website and take profitable actions – buy products, download content, subscribe to newsletters - it’s no longer enough to just create content. The… Continue Reading

Content Marketing 4 Critical Mistakes
May 10, 2016

Content Marketing: 4 Critical Mistakes

Many e-commerce businesses have started heavily investing in content marketing for some time. That is great news, as it shows that business owners are willing to place their trust in this marketing strategy. After all,… Continue Reading

Loyalty Programs How to Boost Store Sales
May 3, 2016

Loyalty Programs: How to Boost Store Sales

Hello e-commerce folks! The way to win your customers’ continuing loyalty – and your fair share of their purchasing power – is by rewarding them for actively engaging with your brand. But putting an attractive… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Payments UI, UX, and Request Journey
April 20, 2016

E-Commerce Payments: UI, UX, and Request Journey

Payment experience starts at the checkout page of the e-commerce website and proceeds with the request-response cycle with banks. Meanwhile, the status of payment which can be successful or failed payment is received and the… Continue Reading