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Multilingual E-Commerce: Hidden Tactics to Sell More


Dear e-commerce folks,

As you know, with Prisync, we currently help e-commerce companies of all sizes from more than 40 countries. Therefore, we definitely think of a global and multi-lingual market, when we speak of e-commerce.

Just in parallel with that, today, we welcome Savas Cetinkaya of to guide us through benefits of such way of thinking in e-commerce and will be listing down potential benefits of a multilingual e-commerce operation. Enjoy the read!

It is quite obvious that in the last two decades, the internet has expanded considerably and has now become a global phenomenon. It is constantly growing and has become the default point of call for businesses and people who are searching for information or goods and services. Reaching as many customers as possible through the internet is the marketing goal of every online store as this can give them a competitive advantage. In this scenario, having a multilingual online store has now become one of the major ways of expanding your client base and benefitting from greater sales volumes.

As the process of internationalization via the internet continues and grows, it will become essential for every online store to become multilingual. Here are some of the top reasons why this is becoming important day by day:

Move away from English users

The internet began as the invention of English speaking users due to which it was dominated by English websites. But, times have begun to change as a growing number of people who are now buying PCs for gaining access to the internet belong to countries where English is not spoken. Internet use in strongholds like USA, UK, Germany and Sweden is flat-lining whereas it is picking up in countries like Hong Kong, France, Japan and Italy. Since English is not widely spoken or understood in these places, you need to have a multilingual online store to target them.

Beneficial marketing tool

Having the ability to communicate with an entirely new international audience in their native language is undoubtedly going to yield financial results, but that’s not all. Your online store will also benefit in terms of marketing and you will be able to create awareness for your brand, product or service. A multilingual online store will be a cost effective way of marketing your business, attracting new users, strengthening relationships with clients and giving your brand international exposure.

New clientele

One of the most prominent reasons of having a multilingual online store is that it can bring in new customers. Your website becomes accessible and understandable for thousands of people all over the globe as you are able to capture the attention of non-English speakers as well.

Increase in sales

By adding different languages to your website, you have the potential of experiencing a significant increase in sales. Even if you decide to offer your website in only a few select languages, you are definitely going to see a major increase in traffic to your website. The more visitors and customers you get, the greater the possibility of making a sale.

Competitive advantage

If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need to have a multilingual online store. (in addition to a solid pricing intelligence tool, of course.) This is because you have to think out of the box and your rivals are going to be expect the traditional tactics. This one will come as a surprise and they will be left scrambling while you are able to take advantage of the international market and get the right exposure.

Multilingual stores are likely to become a part of any e-commerce business. It will help you to reach out more people and achieve greater success in today’s competitive online area. With multilanguage e-commerce apps out there, you can translate your content into any language that you wish to have on your store in seconds! All you need is to create an online store to reach new customers from all around the world and give them a chance to shop in their own language!

It’s really cool to tap the needs of your customers worldwide, and running all the communication in their languages would create a very a warm environment for them.

Your prices are definitely part of this communication and as Prisync team, we are quite fluent in the language of online prices, so we can really help you out to optimise your online pricing.


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