Mobile Apps: How Beneficial Is It for Businesses

Mobile Apps: How Beneficial Is It for Businesses

November 22, 2016

You don’t believe today around 70% people make purchases on app over website. And 50% of them make purchases on app only. But some e-commerce businesses try to build mobile compatible responsive websites or mobile website to avoid the cost of mobile app development. But in reality, customers are merely satisfied with the purchase on these websites. So today all sorts of e-commerce businesses have given their first preference for mobile app to acquire and engage customers, and increase sales. Here we are giving some transformational benefits of mobile apps for e-commerce businesses, which you can take into consideration before developing your first app.

Mobile apps enrich customer experience

There is a large difference between shopping over website and app. Apps make the shopping quicker and more secure. And users never have to worry about remembering a URL or logging in each time. They can see what’s new in one tap. It ultimately helps in enriching the customer experience and make them loyal to your business.

Mobile apps make payment easier, faster, and more secure

Integrated payment system allows the user to make payment within a while. For example, if your app gets access to the SMS app, it can auto fill up OTP, so users never feel stressed in entering the OTP. Also, the user can save his favourite payment options such as credit and debit cards, so the payment will be even easier and faster. In addition to this, the payment on app. is more secure compared to websites. Hacking the app is not a cupcake for hackers. So users never feel worry about any unauthorized access to their banking details.

Mobile apps allow push notifications

This is one of the top benefits that you can have from your app over website. Push notification helps you send latest offers, intimate customers about any event you will organize, or remind them about any products that they added to cart and not yet purchased. Sending regular notifications helps you build a long-lasting impression on them. Location-based push notification is another super-power of mobile app. For example, if your customers is going near your brick and mortar store, you can intimate them about the special offer they can get there. But this is nowhere possible with website.

Mobile apps allow social sharing

If you want your customers to advertise your business, then mobile app. is the best bet. You don’t just think that you can allow users to share your app only by integrating social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into your app, moreover, you can encourage your customers to invite their friend circle to download your app. For this, you can reward both ends with some reward points or cashback offer.

Mobile apps take your branding to the next level

All we know branding is an ultimate result of consistent effort which is achieved by creating a long lasting impression on both existing and prospective customers by understanding the emotional behaviour of them. This can’t be achieved over night. But with the mobile app, your branding effort can definitely be easier. If your app. icon is something unique, which will gradually create an impression on them whenever they see it on their phone screen. If you send them regular notifications, they are more likely to open your app. In my experience, I want to give an example. When I needed to book a bus ticket, first I went through Paytm, as there was a sold out prompt, I jumped to MakeMyTrip, but there was also the same prompt, so as a next option, I searched on ibibo, luckily I got the ticket there. You can see three interesting things in this, the first one is that was my first purchase on ibibo, the next is I was referred by my friend to download ibibo app and the third one is I didn’t have much inclination for ibibo before. But that experience with ibibo was totally good. Now my first preference is ibibo whenever I need a bus ticket.


There is no doubt that mobile app will be a game changer in your e-commerce venture. But it is fruitful only when it is developed with trending and futuristic features and functionalities. If you hire an expert and experienced mobile app development company, it is easier for you to develop a successful e-commerce app. Also, don’t forget to add the features and functionalities that are trending in the e-commerce world today.


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