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Case Study: How Fotopazar Saved Labor

Customer: is a Turkey based e-commerce company that is operating in Camera, Video and Sound Systems market. They are a company of Vemis Group Companies which has almost 20 years experience in these areas. has actively started selling online in 2008 and today they have 12K visitors per day on average.


Gökhan, who is one of the co-founders of and the sales manager of the company, has shared their Prisync story with all the details.

Pain Points / Problems Before Prisync

Gökhan has explained their situation with these words “We’re in a market which is highly competitive in terms of the price and the competitor price tracking is very crucial as almost 90% of our customers compare the prices in the market before they decide to buy a product. However, it really creates a lot of workloads as we have about 5K products at the moment and 5-6 main competitors to track these products.”

When we asked their method before Prisync, Gökhan said that “We have a full-time employee just for this purpose and it was only possible to track top 200-300 products manually. The worst thing is that the accuracy level of the data we gather manually is not that high although we have spent a huge amount of time on this. Then, we decided to look for a solution for this purpose and Prisync performed really well among the options”

Results After Prisync

Gökhan said that “After we started using Prisync, our full-time employee just for price tracking has focused on other things in the company instead of fully manual and time-consuming work. Prisync really helped us save a lot of time compared to the previous situation. The time we spent has dramatically decreased. It’s about 2-3 hours per week now to edit Prisync dashboard like adding new products that we want to track. The rest is just to enjoy the automated reports and results that Prisync provide and this is for almost 1500 products instead of 300.”

Apart from these, the category and brand based reports and price change notifications of Prisync are really helpful for the ones that want to focus on an important product range,” said Gökhan.

Prisync in one sentence!

According to Gökhan, “Prisync is a time and labor saving tool.


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