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How to Market and Sell your Shopify Products on Instagram

Instagram is slowly becoming the go-to social media platform for e-commerce businesses. It may not have over 2 billion users like Facebook. But since the platform is all about sharing pictures, Instagram presents your business with a chance to showcase your products and direct users to buy them.

Shopify makes it easy for e-commerce business to advertise and even direct users of Instagram to an in-app shopping experience. Which means, you not only advertise your product but also allow users to click and purchase it from wherever the user viewed your product on Instagram. This makes it easier for you to ensure that your marketing tactics on Instagram won’t go in vain and customers will be directed to the checkout page to purchase the product. But for this whole process to function smoothly, you need to learn how to market and sell your Shopify e-commerce business on Instagram properly.

Create a business profile

The first step to selling your Shopify products on Instagram is to create a business profile on the platform. Don’t make the mistake of using your personal profile to advertise products and hopes of selling them. This approach is unprofessional and makes followers think that you don’t take your business seriously. Plus, Instagram has specific tools it provides business profiles which will allow you to analyze your approach and improve it to generate more sales from Instagram.

Instagram Insights: Insight does all the hard data collection work for you. It tells you information about your follower’s demographics so you can devise a marketing plan accordingly.

CTA button: In your business profile followers will have buttons to call, email, and even get directions to your company.

Make shoppable Instagram posts

Yotpo conducted research that showed that 72% of customers said that viewing a product’s Instagram image had increased their chances of buying it. 38% of customers also said that they frequently used Instagram to buy products. Which goes to show that Instagram does add value to a shopper’s experience and when done right can prompt them to buy your products.

But at the same time, you can’t just post images and share a link to your product page. You want to make the experience more fluid and easy for customers and that can be done through shoppable posts. Through these posts, users can directly click through to the product page of the tagged product you have on display. Eliminating them having to go through the hassle of going and finding the product on your website to purchase it. In fact, through shoppable posts, they won’t even leave Instagram but will just be directed to your Shopify site to make the purchase and can then close out and continue browsing on Instagram.

Let users get to know your business through Instagram stories

Don’t you find it easier to shop from a business that you feel connected to? Since the launch of Instagram stories, roughly 33% of viewed stories were those posted by businesses. Stories are there to be viewed for 24 hours and then disappear. You can use stories not just to advertise products but showcase your brand/business to customers. Give them insights to your business, the people that work there, and so on through stories. Doing so allows them to connect with your brand since they learn more about it. This gives you a chance to build trust and form deeper relations with customers.

Build interest in upcoming products

Brands are all about creating buzz and there is no better place to do that than Instagram. Before the launch of a product, you will have content created and photos were taken of the product, so you can have specific photos taken for Instagram also. Showing clips of the product on Instagram will give your followers a sense that you appreciate them by giving them a sneak peek of what is to come. This will lead not just lead to creating buzz around the product but will also engage your followers to start up a conversation guessing what is to come.

Take professional pictures of your products

Don’t expect to put the same product pictures you have on your Shopify site on Instagram. If your product pictures aren’t professional shot then they won’t attract users on Instagram. After all, the platform was made for users to showcase their photography skills. The more detailed your pictures, the more it will attract users.

This doesn’t mean you pay thousands of dollars for a product photo shoot. You can take photos by yourself and use the Instagram editing tools to refine the image. From cropping the image to applying a filter to make it pop, the tool has it all. Be sure to utilize it to make your images appear more professional because that is what will attract customers on the platform.

Announce promotions and sale

While most brands advertise promotions through email, Instagram is a great platform to let your followers and others know when you have a promotion running on your e-commerce site. Whether it is a Labor Day sale or a basic sale, you can start posting about the promotion a few days before it starts so that your followers are aware of it. This will surely have them flocking to your site to purchase products once the sale starts. After all, who doesn’t love buying products at a reduced price? In fact, a lot of customers wait for certain sales to buy products. Instagram makes sure that you get the word out about the sale to all your followers.

Get influencers to endorse your product

Instagram is considered to be the most powerful social media platform when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencers have a lot of impact on their following on the platform. Which presents e-commerce businesses with a unique marketing tactic to attract more customers. All you need to do is find an influencer that has a following in the market you want to target and approach them. For example, a body supplement store would approach a fitness influencer to endorse their product in their stories and posts. The influencer’s followers would most likely be fitness junkies or average gym goers. Ask yourself: which is the exact market the store wants to target?

When it comes to influencer marketing, most businesses aim to get influencers with the most following. However, micro-influencers are also almost as effective. Micro-influencers are individuals with 1,000-5,000 followers from the market you want to target. That may not seem a lot compared to influencers with 100K+ followers but micro-influencers tend to have more influence on their followers than a lot of the 100K+ followers. This means they can get you more return for your investment than influencers with more following.

The final word

As an e-commerce business, you must utilize all the available avenues to generate business from blogs to social media marketing. Instagram is one such avenue that more and more e-commerce businesses are relying on not just to generate traffic but sales also. You just need to make sure that you implement methods in your social media strategy that is tailored for Instagram. Shopify itself promotes users to market and sell on Instagram. You can easily interlink your Shopify site with Instagram posts so users can shop without ever leaving the platform. So make the most out of your e-commerce site and sell more with the help of Instagram.


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