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M-Commerce: Hottest Trends in 2016

We are living in the times which we are more attached to our mobile phones than anything else. We sleep with them, eat with them, shop with them and, thanks to Siri, even talk with them. They even have taken desktops’ throne away. It is no wonder that mobile phones are becoming central to every business’s major priority. 2016 is becoming a bigger playground for all the e-commerce sector and it is important to catch up on the latest trends.

So let’s get to it, ladies and gentleman! We give you the hottest trends in the mobile world of e-commerce!

Stalk your Customer for your Customer!

Customer-centricity is at the top of our list. Deloitte and Touche found that companies, which are customer-centric, profit 60% more than which do not. Customers are enjoying being treated specially and it is no joke that you will get your money’s worth. Great service, loyalty programs, and user-friendly websites are the key points of building a solid relationship with your customers. Big data enables companies to categorize the customers according to their life-time value, shopping habits and cycles. Customer-centricity is evolving from a strategy into a must. Mobile is the door into a customer’s world and every bit of data out of it proves itself useful. Who says stalking is bad? Dig in and make your customers grateful.

The Big Customer is Watching You

Advertising is one of the biggest drivers of a good e-commerce business. But which kind does it best? It seems that Google has something in mind. Video ads are one of the greatest tools to get the attention of your customer. If you swing by Youtube a few times it is possible for you to see the new variety of video ads. They come up during a video, search display or next to the suggestions. It is a great way to interact and display the products you are offering. Even Facebook is focusing on them. When you go through your feed Vine videos automatically start playing, news videos start streaming. It is hard to not look at them and with a catchy video beginning that can become easier than you think. Show how amazing you are and what you have to offer them.

Like, Share, Like, Shop Now, Like

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… These are some of the most used social media platforms today and they seem very fond of e-commerce. Social media is not only a place where people stalk their exes, like their friend’s weekend getaway pictures but also shop for clothes and furniture. It is a good way to grow your business and stimulate some customer loyalty. Social Media is like the hottest place in town. Everyone is there! You know you want to be there.

“App”ly Yourself!

Have you looked at how the app market is growing these days? There are apps for e-commerce companies for sure but that’s not the whole picture. Applications have become so attached to people’s lifestyles that there are apps for only weight watching, sleep cycles, weather, step counting or even menstrual cycles. Apps have never come so close to our lives and it looks like they will go on like this. It is hard for and e-commerce company to always come up with detailed creative ideas such as these all the time but it is easier to be integrated with those apps. Become a part of this deeply integrated family and be your customer’s favorite.

It is clear that Mobile Commerce will take off with the increasing trends towards mobile usage. 


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