Meet Magento UK: Magento Community 2018 Recap

Meet Magento UK: Magento Community 2018 Recap

June 22, 2018

Meet Magento UK 2018 took place last Wednesday on 13th June in London and it brought together about 400+ Magento enthusiasts from almost all around the world.

The event – organized by JH – offered plenty of great panels and also a unique networking opportunity for the Magento landscape.

As one of the sponsors of the Meet Magento UK 2018, Prisync team also attended the event to discuss all-things-Magento & Dynamic Pricing with the community throughout the day.

Magento Prisync Partnership

A week after the event, we found time to put together our notes/thoughts on the event as a very quick recap. When we looked at our notes, we noticed that there was really a lot of input to share on a blog post, so we decided to boil things down into 3 main aspects that cover the flow/agenda of the day.

Those 3 aspects are namely: Strategy, Community & Growth.


There were 2 major keynotes at the event and both were full of signals showing us where e-commerce is heading towards and how Magento plans to react to that and even lead that journey.

The first was the opener for the day by Peter Sheldon, VP of Strategy @Magento.

UK Magento Community

Peter’s keynote was a clear demonstration of Magento’s laser focus on customer experience in e-commerce or more specifically throughout the omnichannel purchasing journey.

The main emphasis to highlight from his talk was that the last click of purchasing (conversion) is just a tiny fraction of the whole process (see the pictured touchpoints below). As in the example of Tesla buying journey – pictured above – Peter said that right after the purchase (conversion on the site/app) the immersive brand experience starts as one becomes a Tesla owner, a part of a community, not just a buyer.

Meet Magento UK

The other major keynote was given by Brian Green, Head of EMEA Sales @Magento at the end of the day.

The key part to cover from Brian’s talk from Strategy point of view was Magento’s prioritized roadmap:

Magento Roadmap

The roadmap was clearly in line with the ultimate goal of delivering a superior buying experience fueled by omnichannel capabilities and merchant intelligence.

Long story short, both keynotes by these gentlemen demonstrated that in full collaboration with Adobe, Magento aims to define our digital purchasing journey by optimizing every single touchpoint available either by itself or with its partners – especially the Merchant Intelligence part.


If we would need to pick just a single word instead of 3, we would definitely go for this one: Community.

Meet Magento UK

Since the very first days of ours in the vibrant Magento community, we have been impressed by the level of engagement and contribution.

To put it simply, the event was just organized by a Magento agency (JH) with the help of Magento solution/technology partners (as sponsors) and contributors/customers (as the speakers). Magento (as a company) somewhat felt like a guest contributor throughout the event, which is a clear demonstration of the community spirit embedded in all Meet Magento events around the world.


Last but not least, “Growth” was in the air throughout the whole day, from the metrics shared by technology partners in their use cases with Magento merchants to the number of new faces added into Magento’s EMEA team.

Needless to say, Magento (fueled up with Adobe’s acquisition) is gearing towards rapid growth in the EMEA region and Brian Green shared few words/numbers to prove that during his keynote.

First off, he emphasized that Magento has been growing by going local throughout Europe by localizing their websites and operations to obviously improve the experience layer of their services. He added that it has been paying off with the 270+ new Magento customers inc. Ordnance Survey, Cleverboxes and many other big signings from the region.

Another significant proof of improvement shared during the day was Magento’s placement in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. As can be – hardly – seen by the picture below, Magento is aiming to head towards the top right corner of the Quadrant.

Meet Magento UK

Closing Remarks

As a fresh Official Technology Partner of Magento – the only one providing Dynamic Pricing – and one of the sponsors of the event, it was a really great opportunity for our team to share all the good vibe spread by the community and of course to introduce Prisync’s Competitor Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing Software to all the merchants we met during the day.

We really look forward to meeting all again at another Meet Magento event soon!


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