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Mom & Baby E-Commerce: 5 Tips to Succeed in this Vertical

Targeting the market for mom and baby products means promoting your very best items because people who tend to make shopping decisions for themselves based on price will frequently spend more to get the best for their children. And this willingness to spend more to get the best makes the market very profitable. One can live without the latest computer or sofa in the market, but when it comes to one’s baby, it is not possible to live without the best, most beautiful and, above everything, the most secure baby buggy. In this article, we are going to give you some tips to reach the parent segment of the market and succeed in mom and baby e-commerce.

But before that, let’s remember that parents are just normal people like you and me, but with the extra time-consuming tasks of raising and educating their children. So products that help to save time and/or money will likely be valuable to them.

1. If you need to choose, think about women

Happily, men are getting more involved in household chores, taking care of their children and sharing everything related to family tasks. This is only fair since women have had a large presence in the workforce since the ‘70s. However, we still think about men as less than 50% responsible for chores around the house. Actually, in the U.S. many people still think household chores are women’s responsibility. Something similar happens in the European Union since even the European Parliament has been discussing this problem. Not to mention developing countries in which traditional ideas are usually stronger.

Regardless of the need to change this situation, as an e-commerce manager, you need to make your business profitable, so you need to allow for current social trends.

Ideally, you can target your products to families or at least men and women together, but if this is not possible, for example in an advertising campaign, then you should target women, as they will more likely be making purchasing decisions related to their children.

2. Safety is the key to unlock the door

Being a parent is a wonderful experience, although full of concerns. The world is wild and we want our children to be secure. If you are offering a product that can mitigate risks, do not hesitate to show parents how dangerous the risk is and how effectively your product will avoid it.

Mom and baby e-commerce is more about safety than speed.

3. Place your ads in family-friendly websites

The Internet is the main source of information of the 21st Century, so parents are looking for information about the concerns discussed above every day. There are thousands of sites giving information about children. Why? To provide information about such an important topic of course…but also to display your ads.

Always keep in mind that the age range of your product so that your ad will be appropriate to website visitors.

4. Be careful with your prices

Raising children requires a lot of money. They grow fast and need new things very quickly in comparison with an adult. How many mothers have you heard saying her child’s shoes are too small even though they are new? As children grow, their needs change and they become more demanding about them.

But parents’ income doesn’t increase at the same proportion as their children’s expenses, so parents end up with much less money for themselves.

It is true that parents will be happy to pay for their children’s welfare, but they won’t pay a higher price if there is another cheaper option. As a consequence, offers and deals will always be appreciated, and having a low price with good quality is a great strategy. To learn your competitors’ prices, you can use price tracking software that saves time and provides information about price change trends, so that you can optimize your pricing strategy in the market.

5. Enhance social sharing

Our friends and relatives are the people who we trust the most, so let them share the benefits of your products on social media. Word of mouth is the strongest marketing power in this segment in which trust is essential. If you want the best for your children, you will be more likely to believe another parent speaking well of a product.

Take advantage of these mom and baby e-commerce tips and build a loyalty relationship with your customers.


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