E-Commerce Mistakes Avoid Doing These Mistakes
May 20, 2015

E-Commerce Mistakes: Avoid Doing These Mistakes

E-commerce is a fast-growing industry attracting various investors and business owners. Some of the new market entrants start their businesses without any know-how, driving them to make big mistakes. Unfortunately, the mistakes we'll talk about… Continue Reading

Returning Customers A Source of Higher E-Commerce Revenue
May 14, 2015

Return Customers: A Source of Higher E-Commerce Revenue

If you have experience in the e-commerce business, you'd probably know that the return customers are your best friend. Of course, every business owner seeks to add new customers to the client list but keep… Continue Reading

Mother's Day Tips for Increasing Sales for E-Commerce
May 6, 2015

Mother’s Day: Tips for Increasing Sales and Building Loyalty

Mothers mean the world to us. Every year on Mother's Day, people want to show their gratitude to their mothers. Gift-giving is a long-standing tradition to express gratefulness, and this tradition prevails on Mother's Day… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Conversions Constantly Observe and Improve
April 24, 2015

E-Commerce Conversions: Constantly Observe and Improve

Your marketing team can successfully drive traffic to your website, but the story doesn't end here. That traffic must be converted into sales, otherwise, all the efforts the marketing team puts will be in vain.… Continue Reading

April 20, 2015

E-Commerce Conversions: Easy Tactics to Improve Your Conversion rate

E-commerce has a competitive landscape and with a crowd of new entrepreneurs added to its community, it is getting more competitive than ever. You have an online shopping website that sells high-quality goods, but your… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Meetup 2nd Event in Istanbul
April 15, 2015

E-Commerce Meetup: 2nd Event in Istanbul

Istanbul E-commerce Meetup Group aims to get together e-commerce enthusiasts in Istanbul. In each meetup, there will be very short voluntary presentations by the participants. The main aim is to exchange ideas within the community… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Conversions Strategies to Get Noticed
April 15, 2015

E-Commerce Conversions: Hacks to Improve Your Conversion Rate

What's the ultimate goal of an e-commerce marketing team? Some might think improving website traffic is the most crucial task, but online marketers would know that converting that traffic is half the battle won. E-commerce… Continue Reading

Price Comparison Fix Errors & Bottlenecks
April 15, 2015

Price Comparison: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Who buys a product before a quick price comparison online? No one. Urban life compels us to look for convenience and speed. On top of that, we are spending more than our grandparents in city… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Sweden A Research About the Swedish Market
March 25, 2015

E-Commerce Sweden: A Research About the Swedish Market

Our global e-commerce journey brings us to the Swedish e-commerce market. Before diving into the details of online retailing, let's look at the country from a broader perspective. Swedish economy and demographics Population: 10.32MnGDP: $547.12BnGDP/cap:… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Uae A Research About the Arabian Market
March 25, 2015

E-Commerce United Arab Emirates: A Research About UAE Market

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments in the global e-retail world is the growth pace of the United Arab Emirates' e-commerce market. In just a few years, the local market size surpassed some of… Continue Reading