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Pricing Stats: An Analysis of Summer Products for 2017

We are really excited to share what we have prepared during the whole summer for you. It’s somehow close to the excitement of having a concert ticket for your favorite music band. 🙂

As we are a data company, we have been aware of how prices of the products vary in different countries for a long time. (Working with companies from more than 50 countries help..)

And we asked ourselves: Why don’t we prepare a summer basket and share the results with our audience?

Then, we started to track the prices of 39 summer-favourite products in 6 different countries which are United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. We also categorized the products – food and non-alcoholic beverages, personal care, household equipment, recreation and culture, tools and equipment for house and garden, clothing, alcoholic beverages, communication products – like the European Central Bank do for inflation measurement. At last, we also calculated the ratio of purchasing power according to the countries’ GDP per capita in 2016. ( Thanks to World Bank stats.)

Below, you can find the Prisync 100 index in 8 categories, each country’s summer basket price index and the ratio of each country’s summer basket price through their GDP per capita.

Who knows? This can be the beginning of calculating online inflation…


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