Price Intelligence
February 11, 2020

Every Company Needs a Price Intelligence Function

70% of US shoppers on a recent survey stated that competitive prices are the most important factor influencing their buying decisions. Prices change at an unprecedented pace as a result of stiff competition and a… Continue Reading

Willingness to Pay: A Metric for Better Pricing Decisions
February 6, 2020

Willingness to Pay: A Metric for Better Pricing Decisions

Willingness to pay (WTP) is the maximum price a consumer is willing to pay in exchange for a product/service. We use this metric to price our products in line with customer expectations, and thus, increase… Continue Reading

Pricing Glossary
February 6, 2020

E-commerce Pricing Dictionary

Table of contents Basket-based pricingCaptive productChannel-specific pricingCommoditizationComparison shopping enginesCompetitive intelligenceCompetitive marketCompetitive pricing / market-oriented pricingCost-plus pricing / cost-based pricing / cost-oriented pricingDecoy effectDropshippingDumpingDynamic pricingEconomy pricingEveryday low priceFlat rate pricingFreemium pricingHybrid pricingLanded costList price / manufacturer’s… Continue Reading

February 6, 2020

Price: Definition, Price Point, and Competitor Prices

Price is the amount of money given in return for a product or service. In some cases, it refers to the amount requested by a seller in exchange for the product/service she/he offers. Selling price… Continue Reading

September 6, 2019

Target Rate of Return Pricing: What is it and How to Use it

Table of contents How do you price a product to sell?What is the target price strategy?How do you calculate the target rate of return?Examples of target returnFinal thoughts Target return pricing is a pricing strategy… Continue Reading

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown How Everlane Created a $40 Million Company with its Pricing Strategy
August 2, 2019

E-Commerce Pricing Teardown: How Everlane Created a $40 Million Company with its Pricing Strategy

Everlane is a clothing company with a strong focus on ethically sourced and produced clothes. We'll analyze Everlane's pricing strategy that created a $40 Mn company. Their mantra, “we can all make a difference” runs… Continue Reading

Single Product-E-Commerce Pricing Strategy
July 5, 2019

Single Product E-Commerce Pricing Strategy

For some e-commerce vendors, having multiple products isn’t the right path to take. Instead, they opt for a single product e-commerce store. A single product e-commerce store is simply a store that focuses on selling… Continue Reading

Magento Tiered Pricing Benefits + Implementation Plan
June 18, 2019

Magento Tiered Pricing: Benefits + Implementation Plan

When running your e-commerce store on Magento, you’ll often think about different ways you can price your products to get the most bang from your buck (literally). But one often overlooked pricing strategy is a… Continue Reading

Basket Based Pricing: Is it Right for Your Business?
June 11, 2019

Basket Based Pricing Strategy: Personalization can step up your game

Returning customers account for 40% of the US revenue. Their numbers are small, but they are more profitable than one-time shoppers. Top-performing marketers work hard to keep customers loyal to their store, and basket-based pricing… Continue Reading

Price escalation: What Manufacturers and Retailers Need to Know
May 21, 2019

Price Escalation: What Manufacturers and Retailers Need to Know

Table of contents What is price escalationPrice escalation through contractsWhat causes price escalationHow to overcome price escalationFinal thoughts When an e-commerce business expands, business owners naturally have more things to consider and one of those… Continue Reading